Wednesday, September 30, 2009

MUFE & Nars

I couldn't believe it when I saw a post from Sammiebbz saying that MUFE is now available in a shop in London AND online Yah!

If you fancy getting your hands on some MUFE products, the website address is
I haven't had access to it in the past so I was really excited to see what they had in stock. They have a range of MUFE products but they don't have every shade/colour. Apparently you can email them and ask if there's something in particular you're after so that's handy! The excitement got the better of me and I placed an order with them last night for the Mat Velvet + Foundation and Full Cover concealer (which I've heard is amazing for covering up dark undereye circles).I've heard alot of people rave about the HD foundation but I tried a sample of it and the coverage wasn't great for me and I suspect it was the cause of a breakout I had at that time. It also didn't last very long so I wanted to try one that would help mattify my skin (I don't have oily skin but my T-Zone does get quite shiny during the day). The Full Cover concealer is supposed to be great for covering up blemishes too.

I was in the mood to try out different foundations so I also went onto the Nars site and ordered the new Sheer Glow Foundation that everyone seems to love at the moment. Whenever I see the word 'sheer' I always assume it will have rubbish coverage but it does say it's buildable and I have seen a couple of Lollipop26 vids on YouTube about this product and she loved it. She also likes the Revlon Colourstay foundation which is a fave of mine so I'm really looking forward to finding out if it will suit my needs. I also ordered the infamous Albatross Highlighting powder. I have wanted this product for sooooo long and it's always been on my lust list so I am really chuffed that I finally got around to getting it.

So you can expect reviews on all of these products over the next couple of weeks! So...out of interest, what product has been on your lust list for far too long?

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