Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Search for HG undereye concealer...

Hey girls!

I just wanted to do a post on undereye concealers and take a poll on which one gets your vote? My current favourite concealer to cover up my dark circles is the Korres one I have talked loads about recently. Although this product does an amazing job of concealing, it doesn't COMPLETELY erase the darkness under my eyes that I inherited from my mum. I have deep set eyes, which is good in the regard that I don't have to do alot of shading and contouring in the eye area to create intense looks as the shadows are already there naturally. However, it's bad in the regard that I can't wear eyeliner on my lower lashline or I look like I haven't slept for weeks! This kind of limits what looks I can experiment with.

I am waiting for a package from Michelle a.k.a LipstickRules that contains MUFE and Lise Watier concealers that I am hoping will end my search. I'm always curious to hear what you guys think of the likes of Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier concealers though as alot of people rave about these. I've almost bought the Laura Mercier one a few times but the price put me off (says she who buys lipsticks for £20!!ha ha).

Also, I wanted to know whether you all apply concealer before or after your foundation? Everyone seems to do it differently. I personally like to apply it after foundation as otherwise I feel like I'm wiping away my hard work when I apply something over the concealer. I am open to any other techniques you use.

I learnt a neat trick from Kandee The Makeup Artist where you basically apply your concealer in a triangle shape (the tip pointing down towards the cheek) to draw the eye downwards and therefore take the focus away from your dark circles. I know alot of people apply salmon coloured corrective concealer under their eyes too to counteract the blue/purple colour. This is basically the bain of my life and I won't rest until I find a solution!

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