Sunday, September 20, 2009

Front Cover True Colours Perfect Nude Palette

As promised, here's a full detailed review on the Front Cover True Colours Perfect Nude Palette. This is a brand that I hadn't heard much about before trying this product but as soon as the palette arrived in the post, I was blown away by the packaging idea. Basically the brand fuses fashion and makeup together (a match made in heaven!) and the palette has been designed to look like the front cover of a magazine which I think is a brilliant design concept. The thing that really makes it stand out is the lid, which is holographic! When you tilt the palette the image on the lid changes e.g. the model's eyes close and the text on the palette changes) . I have taken two photos of the lid to try and demonstrate what I's just the coolest thing ever!When you first pick up the palette, you notice that it weighs a ton compared to other palettes on the market, but then again, you are getting alot of product for your money. The palette contains two sections, the top one contains 8 eyeshadows and the bottom drawer contains 8 lipglosses.Some of the eyeshadow pans have a gorgeous embossed motif on them...I almost didn't want to disturb it coz it was so prettty! These had a texture that I am unfamiliar with but I loved the effect they gave. The only thing I can liken it to is a suede effect, they are velvety smooth and give a subtle matte finish. The eyeshadow pans without a motif offered more of a subtle shimmer that wasn't too over the top for daytime. I love the colours of the eyeshadows...from beige/brown/taupe/slate, all the shadows work together really well to create a natural look (as seen in my previous post). The applicator supplied is also of really good quality (natural bristles) and I used that to apply it for the FOTD. The swatches don't really do the colours any justice as the one that looks green in the top row is more of a grey in real life. You really have to see this palette to appreciate how gorgeous it is.The lipglosses were all shades that I would happily wear, bar one (the red shade on the far right, top row). The first 2 shades on the top row are very irridescent and a bit blah. My interest was more in the bottom row as those lipglosses all have tiny gold flecks in them and are all variations of nudes...I especially love the baby pink colour on the right! They are all gorgeous neutral shades that work really well over most lipsticks.These are swatches of the top row of glosses...I think the red shade is pretty wearable My favourites...look how gorgeous they are!
The palette is available from 1st October in larger Boots stores and I was amazed to find out that it's only £15! I think it's really good value for money as you could take this with you if you were going away for a weekend and it would contain half of your makeup you would need. The palette even has makeup artist tips on the back detailing how to apply the products. The only downside to this palette (and this is a very small point) is that I wish the pans had names as it would make it easier to make reference to them when doing FOTD's with it. I also think that giving the colours names just draws people in more and I know that personally, I would prefer to use something with a name like 'Smoke Cloud' than something boring like 'Grey'. They could even have named the shades with a fashion twist like 'Stiletto' or 'Catwalk'.

Let me know what you think of the palette

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