Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Korres Monoi Oil Bronzing Powder

Hello ladies!

After a very very long wait, I finally got the rest of my purchases from Ebay that I posted on a while back. One of the items that arrived yesterday was the Korres Monoi Oil Bronzer in shade no.2 (Sun Glow). I won it for £6.50 on Ebay for a full size 11g compact, it usually retails at around £13.00. I decided to go for the warmer shade as the lighter one looked a bit too pale for me. I also thought that if it turned out to be too dark as an all over colour, I could always use it as a contour.

This is the Korres blurb... "Korres Monoi Oil Bronzing Powder is a velvety-smooth, tinted powder that lifts and warms up your skin tone without turning you into a Nancy Del'Olio or Chelsea Davy look-alike. The powder contains Monoi Oil (derived from coconut) and Vitamin E. Grazia magazine recommends it as a must have product"

I was full of excitement and anticipation when I ripped open the parcel (yes, I actually ripped it open, I was like a kid at Christmas!). On seeing the packaging for the first time, I love the way it feels so high quality. The design is so simplistic but it really suits the premise of the brand, which is natural organic products that treat your skin as you wear them. I opened the compact to find a gorgeous bronzer that had a matte look on first sight, but if you look very closely there is the tiniest hint of shimmer (I mean tiny as this bronzer looks matte when you apply it which is great if you aren't into shimmery bronzers). You can see from the swatch below that the colour is just divine! It's the perfect shade to add a natural glow all over the face.

This product is so finely milled and smooth to apply and it blended like a dream. Once I had applied it all over my face this morning, I just loved the natural colour it gave! I would go as far as to say that this bronzer is going to become my new everyday favourite! It's just so gorgeous. I can't recommend this highly enough as I hadn't bought any Korres makeup before, but i am definitely going to start buying more of it because I have been really impressed with this product and I also love the Korres Wild Rose Brightening Concealer that I tried today (I will post a review on this in the next couple of days but it's also amazing!). I started to get very curious about this brand after I watched a YouTube vid by Tali a.k.a. The Gloss Goss where she just raved about their products. I am so glad that I tried this bronzer coz I feel like I've discovered an amazing brand of makeup that really works for my skin AND it's more affordable than the usual bronzers I buy (even at full retail price).

So if you're looking for a new bronzer, check this one out, I am certain you will love it too! And if the SunGlow shade looks too dark, they do a lighter shade. The bronzer is buildable so you can have it as light or as dark as you like. I'm SO happy I found this!

Let me know if you have tried this and if you love it as much as me?

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