Friday, September 4, 2009

Skincare: Less is more?

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What with all the organic and natural skincare that's around at the moment and a few of my fellow beauty bloggers doing a "less is more" approach to skincare, it got me thinking. Is it more beneficial for your skin to use as little as possible on it? Some people say if you apply too many products (serums, moisturisers, face masks etc) that it just clogs your pores and leads to dull skin.

I could never go completely without moisturiser as my skin would get mega dry really quickly (I sometimes suffer from mild Psoriasis). I generally use soap or a facewash to get the majority of my makeup off, then remove the rest, such as eyemakeup with cleansing wipes afterwards. I use a gentle facial scrub every second day to keep my skin smooth. I then apply an eye cream and moisturiser. This has been my routine for years and I've noticed that alot of other people apply serums before their moisturiser but I'm always conscious not to clog my skin up with too many products. I've found in the past that if I over-use products like face masks then my skin either goes really dry or I get a breakout. I don't really believe in high tech moisturisers that contain loads of different chemicals, I generally prefer to stick to ones with natural ingredients that soothe my sensitive skin. I'm always really cynical about all the science garble they come out with in adverts for brands like Loreal. In my eyes, the simplest products are usually the best when it comes to your skin. My gran has used Superdrug Vitamin E Cream for decades and her skin is amazing!

So are you a "keep it simple" kinda girl or a high-tech skin product addict?

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