Friday, September 11, 2009

Sleek Ink Pots and Pout Polish

I was lucky enough to be sent some products from Sleek and after trying their Acid, Safari and Curious eyeshadow palettes and loving them, I was looking forward to seeing what else the brand has to offer.

They sent me 4 Ink Pots in Black, Navy Blue, Pink and Yellow (although the yellow one smashed in the post :( so I had to bin that one). I would have been more upset if it had been the black Ink pot as I wanted to see how it compared to my MAC Fluidline since the Sleek ones are a whole lot cheaper at under £4.00! I was also sent a Pout Polish in Electro Peach.
The Ink Pots are waterproof gel eyeliners that come in a cute little frosted glass jar with a mini eyeliner brush. I didn't find the eyeliner brushes that useful as they are too small to work with. I ended up using my MAC 209 brush instead. The consistency of these is the same as any other gel eyeliner i.e. it looks quite waxy and solid until you get the product on the brush, then it melts to a gel consistency. It went on smoothly and didn't clump up on my eyelid, it dried pretty quickly and the pigment of the black liner was particularly impressive. I would say this is a good cheaper version of a MAC Fluidline and although the Sleek Ink Pots are waterproof, they weren't too difficult to get off at the end of the day with some eyemakeup remover. It lasted well and didn't budge all day. The only thing I would say is that if you touch your eyes alot then you may not like this product as it does smudge a teensy bit if you are prone to sticking your fingers in your eye. (sounds like a weird thing to do, but during the day I had an eyelash in my eyes and HAD to get it out pronto, I got it out eventually, but I did smuge the gel liner a wee bit in the inner corner). Given the circumstances, it did last very well and not many eye products would withstand that amount of eye pokeage!ha ha. I still do prefer my MAC Fluidline as it never ever budges even when you rub it. I did a little experiment by putting MAC Fluidline and the Black Sleek Ink Pot on my hand, then rubbed them both. The Sleek one did smudge a wee bit after a few seconds of rubbing but to be honest, how often does anyone rub their eyes THAT hard? I was impressed by the quality of these liners and will use them again. I prefer the black and navy colours as the pink would be very hard to wear. The Denim colour which is a navy blue with a bit of a metallic look to it isn't as pigmented as I would have liked but I will experiment with building the colour. I'd say you could expect more pigmentation in the MAC and Bobbi Brown gel eyeliners when it comes to colours other than black. I have seen a bluey silver colour Sleek have which looks really pretty though!

Left to Right: Ink Pots in Dominatrix, Smitten and Denim, Pout Polish in Electro Peach.

I must say that the colour of the Pout Polish really scared me when I saw it because it's a bright orange colour, I tried to make it work for me but it just didn't suit me at all unfortunately. I always feel guilty if I get sent a product and I just don't like it (almost always because of the colour of the product). The formulation felt nice and it's great that it has SPF15 but I just wish they had released some more subdued/softer colours like a milky pink. If they had, then I would definitely be a happy bunny!

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