Monday, September 14, 2009

Why do I always spend my wages before I get them???

I started laughing to myself when I read Yinka's a.k.a. Vex In The City's post the other day about whether you think your spending has increased since you started your blog. The answer in my case is a resounding YES! Reading all the posts about must have products, killer heels and amazing bags just fuels the fire as far as I'm concerned. I find myself pouring over the newest items to be released and limited edition stuff (this evil ploy makes you want it even more!).

These days, I seem to have my wages spent before they arrive in my account. It's 2 weeks exactly until the money fairy is going to sprinkle funds into my bank account and my growing list of beauty and clothes lustings have already swallowed a great big chunk of my pay!

For example, I already have my eye on these shoes (Gold shoeboots from Dune £95 and studded fringed boots from River Island £84.99). I just can't help myself! I keep imagining all the wonderful outfits I could put together with them. They are just gorgeous and they
keep calling out to really, it's not my fault, it's theirs...they won't leave me alone until I buy them.
My weakness is definitely shoes and makeup. I have a 'Lust List' that I keep on my computer...yes, I am THAT sad! I add products to it that I have seen people rave about or just ones that i want to try and then I strike them off as I get them. The weird thing is the list never seems to get smaller though...

So does anyone else have a list like this? What is your weakness when payday arrives?

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