Monday, September 28, 2009

Mini (very controlled) binge

I took a wee trip into town today to have a mosey around the shops. I ended up getting quite a few bits and pieces but most of it was clothes, which I will post about later in the week...there's so much nice stuff around at the moment, I'm loving ll the autumn/winter collections!

For once in my life I managed not to go ga ga with makeup purchases (although I replaced that with a clothes binge). It's very unlike me but I stuck to what I intended on buying which was three much talked about soft skin must have, L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil which is just dreamy, a lipstick I have wanted for aggggeesss but kept forgrtting to buy...YSL Rouge Pure Shine in no.32 (Frozen Mango) and the much blogged about Loreal Double Extension Mascara/Cils Booster. This is a mascara that Kandee The Makeup Artist swears by too so I'm excited to try it out.I haven't been disappointed by the YSL's light, moisturising and the colour is so wearable and gorgeous (check out the swatch below). I love it! I originally wanted the peach coloured Rouge Volupte but when I swatched it in Boots, it looked too dark for me. I will be testing out the mascara tomorrow and will let you all know my thoughts on it.
Have you guys managed to stick to your guns with regards to a makeup shopping list?

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