Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Korres Blushes and Shimmering Eyeshadows

Hi Girlies! I was so so so excited to receive some Korres goodies in the post yesterday! They have kindly sent me two of their blushes and 4 of their shimmering eyeshadows. As you know, I have been involved in a passionate love affair with Korres ever since I bought their Monoi Oil Bronzer a few weeks ago. I love thier products and I love the fact that they are all natural. As much as I like elaborate, colourful packaging, I really like that Korres have kept it simple and practical. The product inside these compacts doesn't need any kind of fancy packaging because the products speak for themselves.
Look at these amazing blushes! I was sent Pink and Peach and as you will see from the pics above, the Pink one has a matte look to it, whereas the Peach has a slight shimmer. Note that there isn't even a tiny sign of 'glitter'...just the finest of it! I had seen Tali talking about Korres blushes and I can see why she loved them so much.

The pigmentation is perfect for my skin colouring. The Peach is just stunning with teeny tiny gold reflects that give a gleam to the skin. The Pink on the other hand gives a more subtle matte effect to achieve a healthy glow. I am just starting to get really into Blush as a product and these shades are perfect for what I want to achieve...a subtle hint of fresh colour on my cheeks.
I was sent their shimmering eyeshadows in Gold, Light Purple, Golden Bronze and White and here's what I thought:
1) Gold - the palest gold shade with gorgeous super fine shimmer that would be absolutely perfect as an all over lid colour, a highlight on the browbone or as an amazing highlight on the cheekbones!
2) Light Purple - This is the most subtle of all the colours I was sent. I have been looking for a very cool toned light lilac for ages as this shade is brilliant for opening and brightening the eyes...I think I may have now found my HG for that category!
3) Golden Bronze - I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I saw this's truly amazing and soooo mega pigmented...I can't explain how gorgeous it is!If you love bronze eyeshadows then you HAVE to get this. It's super smooth, super shimmery and metallic and blends like a dream...just look at the swatch below to see what I mean...
4)White - This eyeshadow despite the name, isn't white, it's a very pale silver and I love it. It is also highly pigmented and just plain gorgeous. I can imagine using it everywhere, from a light dusting on the cheekbones for a lovely gleam, to a base or highlight to a smokey eye...
I never would have looked to a natural brand for amazing eyeshadows but Korres has just blown me away. My favourite of the eyeshadows has to be the Golden Bronze one...Tali, you would LOVE this if you don't already have it! In fact, you would love all of them. Everyone needs these kind of quality eyeshadows that are soft, smooth and shimmery as hell. The camera doesn't even do these have to see them with your own eyes.

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