Thursday, March 31, 2011

San Francisco Giants Closer Brian Wilson "This Is Sportscenter" Commercial

Although, San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson is on the disabled list, that doesn't mean he still being Brian Wilson.

Here is the latest, "This is Sportscenter" commercial featuring Wilson, Jay Harris, and the recently departed Josh Elliot.

"Fear the Beard", Indeed!

Antonio Gates, New IT Guy At Jimmy Kimmel Live

Previously on Outside the Boxscore, we featured a clip of Eagles wide receiver Desean Jackson working at Jimmy Kimmel Live during the NFL Lockout.

Well, Desean isn't the only NFL player working there, Chargers tight end Antonio Gates appears in this sketch:

Tuomo Ruutu Hit Shattered Glass At RBC Center

Yesterday in an NHL matchup between the Carolina Hurricanes and the Montreal Canadiens, Boston defensive Tuomo Ruutu decided to lay the boom against Montreal's Hal Gill.

Sadly, Gill wasn't the only thing that took the blow from Mr. Ruutu:

Milan Stylewatch, A Purchase & Bathroom Accessories

As I've said before, I love getting fashion inspiration from different cultures and cities of the world.  This time, I'm just taking a quick look at the women captured on film during Milan Fashion Week.  I selected the pics based on accessories I liked or just their overall look and the way it was put together.  One thing though...I don't think I could EVER get away with wearing sunglasses in Aberdeen until at least June!

This look is so simplistic but then you get down to her feet and BAM! Killer shoes all up in your face! Love it.

Especially love the outfit on the left with the multi-coloured patterned skirt teamed with chunky shoes and black accesories.  A great way to wear a bold pattern without feeling conspicuous during the daytime.

I am in love with her studded skinny jeans, they are amazing!  Thinking about it...this would actually be relatively easy to do with a cheap pair.  All you would need is some studs from a habidashery store and some fabric glue.

I would never have teamed black tights with knee high grey socks but it actually works really well.

I love the summery pop of colour teamed with understated black.  I need that bag in my life!

So simple, so stylish, so it.

I really like the little serpent clutch bag!

These red accessory accents are gorgeous and look so ladylike!

I'm always checking the Rise Fashion website because they have a great Outlet section where stock is massively reduced.  On Monday, I spotted this Adriana skirt for just £7.50!!!

I just got it in the mail today and it's absolutely gorgeous! It feels heavy and alot more expensive than £7.50 or even the original price of £22.50.  It actually looks very Reiss-esque.  The size is also very true to what it should be.  I got a size 12 and it fits perfectly.  I think there is only size 16 left on the site now...but for that price, it may be worth buying and having altered at a tailor.  That would only cost about £7.00 so all in all, it would be worth it.

This skirt could be worn in the daytime with opaque black tights and shoe boots or at night with some nice platform shoes.  I can't wait to wear it now!

There were also three brochures that came with my Rise Fashion order showcasing their newest ranges.  One particular dress that caught my eye was in the E1 London Spring Collection which is inspired by the art deco movement.  It's called the 'Angelina' Dress and it's only £45.  It's not on the website yet but I assume it will be in the next couple of weeks.  I love the drapey feel to it and the belted waist...

I now have all the finishing touches for the new bathroom.  I got an artifical red orchid plant from Dunhelm Mill for just £20.00 and also a very deep purple vase for just £5.99.  The vase almost looks black so it blends in well.  The room needed a pop of colour and this shade of red was perfect.

I found some really cool, stylish accessories from a Danish Brand called Lene Bjerre.  It's really tough to find their products online but they do trade out of some small independent interiors stores.  They don't actually make this hammered silver range anymore so I was lucky to get hold of a couple of pieces.

I love the contemporary design of the soap dispenser and it fits in so well with the luxurious feel of the bathroom.

I couldn't get the tumbler in the silver but I think the black works just as well and stops everything from looking too matchy-matchy.  Sometimes it's best not to match everything or it begins to look a bit twee.

I also picked up these four metallic bowls on a wooden tray from a small interiors shop for just £25.00.  I have put candles the ones on each end and keep cotton pads and cue tips in the two in the middle.  I was going to buy some pebbles to scatter in the wooden tray but then I thought...there's a beach down the road...why don't I just collect some small ones from there??? I'm not sure you're supposed to collect stones from the beach (a bit like picking wild flowers) but hey ho.  What can I say...I'm a rebel!ha ha.

Ok, I promise that's an end to bathroom stuff now so you can breathe a sigh of relief.  I realise that it's not the most riveting topic in the world but since a few people had asked me to show what accessories I had bought, I just wanted to mention it in a post.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dancing With The Stars 2011, Week Two: Hines Ward/Sugar Ray Leonard Get Quick

For Week 2 of ABC's Dancing With The Stars, Sugar Ray Leonard and his partner Anna Trebunskaya decided to dance to a little thing called the Jive:

For former Super Bowl MVP Hines Ward and his partner Kym Johnson decided to break-out with the quick step:

Although Sugar Ray was on the cut line, he survived to dance another day and radio host Mike Catherwood was sent home.

Illamasqua Toxic Nature & Small Reiss Haul

Just before I went to Berlin, I received a lovely gift from the team at Illamasqua because I wasn't able to make the Toxic Nature launch event in London.  I'm always gutted when I can't make these events but it's just so expensive for me to get down to London and get a hotel etc.  I'm hoping that more brands start having events in Edinburgh or Glasgow so at least I could go along to some.  I'm dying to meet up with some other beauty bloggers!

Illamasqua sent me the Cream Pigment in Emerge (matte pastel peach), Precision Ink in Glister (opalescent nude) and a Nail Varnish in Stagnate (grey mauve).  The product I was most excited about was definitely the Cream Pigment in Emerge because I think it will make the PERFECT base for Mac Pigment in Melon, which I bought recently.  I will have to try it out and show you guys in a FOTD!  I think I will try out the Precision Ink product on the inner corners of my eyes to open them up. 

The Cream Pigment is a gorgeous summery shade that could possibly be used very lightly as a blush as well...I will also try that out and let you guys know.  I'm interested to see whether it could work as a lip colour too with some clear gloss over the top.  It seems to be very much a multi-use product so I'm looking forward to having a play with it.  Whilst swatching it, it felt very smooth to apply to the skin and the pigmentation is VERY impressive, as with all Illamasqua products. 

I love the Precision Ink in Alchemy (the gold sparkly one) and I'm wearing it in the photo in my blog header.  So, I'm interested to see what I can do with this new shade!

I never used to like all the grey nail polish shades that flooded the market a while back but I have slowly warmed up to them.  Don't knock it until you have tried it because these neutral shades can look very chic and sophisticated.  I remember a time when I would only wear nudes or pinks on my fingernails, but over time, I've started experimenting with new hues and I have to say that I now revel in painting on something a bit different.  I am yet to try full on black nail polish though!

There's something about receiving a Reiss package that gets me all giddy and that's because everything is always packaged up so beautifully.  You know you are buying from a quality brand and it makes you feel like you are giving yourself a gift!

I can never resist the Reiss sale on their website because, quite frankly, there's ALWAYS a sale on there.  Quite alot of the items are half price so there's always an opportunity to pick up a bargain!  I love buying decorative belts because it's an easy way to update a plain dress and add a bit of interest, whilst nipping in your waist and making the most of your curves.

This 'Shelby' Grey Leather and Chain Belt with enamel inlay detail was down from £59.00 to just £17.00!!!  I know you can pick up belts in New Look or H&M for hardly anything but Reiss accessories are SO high quality and always look so stylish that it's totally worth investing that extra bit of cash for something that will really last.  They also do this belt in cream too.

I love the clasp at the front and all the little details around the back that really make this belt look expensive.  The great thing is that it's not too trend driven and has a classical feel so it will last for years if I take care of it.

I'm a sucker for glam stuff so when I saw this Dace Black Stretch Sequin Skirt down from £79.00 to £30.00, I just couldn't help myself.  It's from the 1971 Reiss range and will be perfect with a plain white slightly oversized vest top and long pendant.  I think when you wear a skirt as glitzy as this, you generally need to tone it down with something that looks more casual on the top half.  Otherwise, you run the risk of looking overdone.

I love how there's black panels on either side so the sequin strips down the front make it very slimming...something that can't often be said about bodycon sequin skirts!

I already have this next item in another colour (beige) but the colour drew me in straight away.  This Dana Crystal Embellished Tank  in Dark Fuschia was marked down from £49.00 to just £14.00 which is an amazing bargain because the quality of Reiss jersey tops is second to none.  They wash so incredibly well and they last for ages without losing their shape or fading.  So whenever I see tank tops I like on the site, I snap them up!  Love this colour...

And now for a couple of motown-inspired songs which have been on repeat on my iPod of late.  The first one is by the 15 year old god daughter of Amy Winehouse, Dionne Bromfield.  Let's hope she doesn't follow in her godmother's footsteps in regards to lifestyle choices!  I love soul and motown as a genre of music...Marvin Gaye, The Supremes, Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding...the list goes on.  So anything that is inspired by that era of music will generally appeal to me.  I think the video for this song could have been's a bit bland.  I like to see a bit more creativity when it comes to music videos because overall, you want the video to echo what the song is trying to say, whether it be literally or metaphorically.  I just like the concept behind the song too.  You know in your gut when you are just being messed around by someone and you find yourself making all these excuses for them.  Eventually you have to accept that they're just not that into you.

I have posted vids from Plan B before and I really like most of the songs from his most recent album because they all have a soul/motown sound to them.  I just love the paradox between the way he looks and the way he sounds.  He often looks like he should be hanging around street corners in a hoody! Once again, it's not a happy ever after kind of story behind the song, but it speaks of that time in a relationship when you know that things are going to end soon.  I know that alot of people don't like listening to sad love songs or songs about people breaking up.  But I never understand why, because if it's a good piece of music then why does it matter if the sentiment is happy or sad? We are all human and we all go through a range of emotions so it's natural that some songs ain't gonna be all sunshine and rainbows!  I love that music is so emotive and makes you feel.  It's an art of expression afterall. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lebron James Hits Half Court Buzzer Beater, Cavaliers Get Last Laugh

In the second appearance of Lebron James back in Cleveland, James hit a rather insane buzzer beater just before the third period horn:

However for the Cleveland Faithful, The Cavaliers won the game by the score of 102-90.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Shannon Brown Switch Hands Dunk Vs. Hornets

During last night's Hornets/Lakers affair, Lakers guard Shannon Brown decided to get a little creative with his latest dunk.

Off of a Hornets turnover, Brown switches hands in mid-flight to lower the boom:

Lane Kiffin Visors Up In New USC Advertisement

If there is one thing that I do know about USC head football coach Lane Kiffin is that he loves his visor.

So when USC decided to put together an advertisement featuring Kiffin, the visor got a special guest appearance:

(Courtesy of Kegs n' Eggs)

Fantasy Drafthelp: Last-Minute Baseball Tips

This week, we bring you last-minute baseball draft/auction tips from FDH Managing Partner Rick Morris.

At the end of any draft prep season, I always like to bring the focus back to the basics. Having had the auction for my keeper league on Saturday and the draft for my non-keeper league next Saturday, I can mix in my own perspectives to make my points even clearer.

^ Above all, stay focused on value above all else. You win by squeezing value more effectively than anyone else, period. It’s repetitive on our part, but I make no apologies for that, because it’s the sole non-negotiable element of your draft prep and it’s something that far too many people lose sight of at the worst times. Now, for those who are looking to scratch an excitement itch or don the wheeler-dealer garb, this may not be fun and fulfilling. As for me, I get my fun and fulfillment from winning (12-team mixed non-keeper league title last year, 20-team mixed keeper league title the year before). Hopefully it’s not seen as a jerk move to drop those credentials, because there is a point here. Even with the ’09 title, even being the one person in the league actively participating in the fantasy industry via the FDH brand, I was delighted to see on Saturday that I can still lurk in the weeds because my moves are boring and decidedly un-flashy relative to many of my competitors. And frankly, if I can still lurk at this point and not have the target on me that my flashier league-mates do, then I’ll always be able to since I will never change the playbook. Advantage, me. Let others try the attention-grabbing attempts to reinvent the wheel. Steady wins the race.

^ The previous point is not to suggest abandoning all efforts to find more effective means of accomplishing your goals – just to keep value in mind when doing so. I’ll furnish another example from Saturday’s auction. Top minor league players in our league get picked over well before they first make the bigs, due to the fact that you can hang on to them for up to 10 years with our format – which calls for five auction rounds, followed by a straight draft in which players can be procured for only $1. In recent years, not only are the top prospects snarfed up even before their minor league peaks in the draft rounds, they are also subject in many instances to insane bidding in the auction rounds. Truly, it is difficult to carry a player for a few years at $20 or above before they even make their major league debut, so I have tried at all costs to avoid this necessity. Although I tried to get some top minor league players in the draft rounds on Saturday, I was unsuccessful – so I went all-in on a strategy I have dabbled in before: I took five prospects who will be in this June’s draft, four college players and one high-school baller. Will they all pan out? Probably not; the burn rate on prospects is significant. But they’ve all got high ceilings and they won’t cost me an arm and a leg if I have to cut them. This was the kind of creativity we endorse.

^ Think about the specifics of your situation ahead of time as much as you can, not merely the league rules and parameters (one would hope you don’t need me to drill that part into your heads!), but any other relevant features. In the case of my auction, I familiarized myself with not only my cap number and needs going into Saturday, but those of all of my leaguemates so that I would know who my biggest threats were for the holes I had to fill. For this Saturday’s draft, my co-owner and I are able to spend the week contemplating the realities of our draft position (7 – and on a personal note, I really hate being 6th or 7th in a 12-team league since you can’t anticipate your next pick very well and that just bothers me) and the players most likely to drop to us in the early rounds. Look at the possibilities (including tendencies of your fellow owners, which I know very well in both of my leagues from many years of jousting with them) and just spend some time picking apart some options from different angles. For example, it’s no secret that FDH is higher on Tulow than most in the industry this year. He was critical to our title last year and given our competitors’ tendencies, we feel that we have a good shot to get him at 7. If we do, then we fill a need at the shallowest position and move on from there. If not, we’ll go with a Plan B or Plan C that we hatch during the week. Ruminate on all the angles. You wouldn’t be playing this game if you didn’t love it. Enjoy – and go take some caysh from your friends!

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