Thursday, March 31, 2011

Milan Stylewatch, A Purchase & Bathroom Accessories

As I've said before, I love getting fashion inspiration from different cultures and cities of the world.  This time, I'm just taking a quick look at the women captured on film during Milan Fashion Week.  I selected the pics based on accessories I liked or just their overall look and the way it was put together.  One thing though...I don't think I could EVER get away with wearing sunglasses in Aberdeen until at least June!

This look is so simplistic but then you get down to her feet and BAM! Killer shoes all up in your face! Love it.

Especially love the outfit on the left with the multi-coloured patterned skirt teamed with chunky shoes and black accesories.  A great way to wear a bold pattern without feeling conspicuous during the daytime.

I am in love with her studded skinny jeans, they are amazing!  Thinking about it...this would actually be relatively easy to do with a cheap pair.  All you would need is some studs from a habidashery store and some fabric glue.

I would never have teamed black tights with knee high grey socks but it actually works really well.

I love the summery pop of colour teamed with understated black.  I need that bag in my life!

So simple, so stylish, so it.

I really like the little serpent clutch bag!

These red accessory accents are gorgeous and look so ladylike!

I'm always checking the Rise Fashion website because they have a great Outlet section where stock is massively reduced.  On Monday, I spotted this Adriana skirt for just £7.50!!!

I just got it in the mail today and it's absolutely gorgeous! It feels heavy and alot more expensive than £7.50 or even the original price of £22.50.  It actually looks very Reiss-esque.  The size is also very true to what it should be.  I got a size 12 and it fits perfectly.  I think there is only size 16 left on the site now...but for that price, it may be worth buying and having altered at a tailor.  That would only cost about £7.00 so all in all, it would be worth it.

This skirt could be worn in the daytime with opaque black tights and shoe boots or at night with some nice platform shoes.  I can't wait to wear it now!

There were also three brochures that came with my Rise Fashion order showcasing their newest ranges.  One particular dress that caught my eye was in the E1 London Spring Collection which is inspired by the art deco movement.  It's called the 'Angelina' Dress and it's only £45.  It's not on the website yet but I assume it will be in the next couple of weeks.  I love the drapey feel to it and the belted waist...

I now have all the finishing touches for the new bathroom.  I got an artifical red orchid plant from Dunhelm Mill for just £20.00 and also a very deep purple vase for just £5.99.  The vase almost looks black so it blends in well.  The room needed a pop of colour and this shade of red was perfect.

I found some really cool, stylish accessories from a Danish Brand called Lene Bjerre.  It's really tough to find their products online but they do trade out of some small independent interiors stores.  They don't actually make this hammered silver range anymore so I was lucky to get hold of a couple of pieces.

I love the contemporary design of the soap dispenser and it fits in so well with the luxurious feel of the bathroom.

I couldn't get the tumbler in the silver but I think the black works just as well and stops everything from looking too matchy-matchy.  Sometimes it's best not to match everything or it begins to look a bit twee.

I also picked up these four metallic bowls on a wooden tray from a small interiors shop for just £25.00.  I have put candles the ones on each end and keep cotton pads and cue tips in the two in the middle.  I was going to buy some pebbles to scatter in the wooden tray but then I thought...there's a beach down the road...why don't I just collect some small ones from there??? I'm not sure you're supposed to collect stones from the beach (a bit like picking wild flowers) but hey ho.  What can I say...I'm a rebel!ha ha.

Ok, I promise that's an end to bathroom stuff now so you can breathe a sigh of relief.  I realise that it's not the most riveting topic in the world but since a few people had asked me to show what accessories I had bought, I just wanted to mention it in a post.

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