Monday, March 28, 2011

kool kool ...

gisele .. leo should never let her go ..

shot ..

diddy gettn his party on in ibiza ..

my wkend house ..

flight facilities rulin it ...

RICK JAMES .. got style

amber rose hot or not ..?

my dingy.. 

fav porn star..

anna .. where she been hiding ?

hot as mojave desert ..

scummy goin big shirtless .. guys a mad man..

epic shot ..

carey harts caddie is all time ..

chad muska art .. 

'fairfax'  shades he designed look dope .. i need track down a pair

round & round sincs goes ... boys got it down

harf finishing filming his movie.. was in ballina doing tow ins with the boys !

y'all dont know me dirt nasty ..

ren dawgg goin huge ... no1 can turn it on 1/4 pipe like him ..

thats a wall ride ..

check out nasty shirt .. 

grenade games big bear this wkend .. wish was going !

top pic..

captain kanye ... i want hat jacket

scary spice is hot.


potter in the hills ..

hansen kills it on the wakeskate ..

 i mite need some REHAB ... this summer !

ruby looks sexy blonde ..


snoop-a-loop's pimp mobile ...

where kanye get all these red jackets ??

heads up ..

sydney turning it on ..

vanessa hudgens .. nude pic scandal .. silly girl 

danny kass in flight ... 

one of fav all time shots .. look at  that wall of a wave.. tahiti 

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