Friday, September 18, 2009

Brightening Highlights

Sometimes, between hairdresser appointments, I feel like my highlights need a bit of a lift as they start to look a bit dull. You know how it is, your hair gradually loses it's glossy colour so I'm always on the look out for brightening or clarifying hair product to make my blonde hair look as good as it can. I was sent a new product from the lovely people at Louise Galvin and that product was Sacred Locks Vitox Hair Brightener. I liked the fact that the product contains no SLS, Parabens, Silicone,Petrochemicals, Synthetic Fragrance or Polymers which in turn means that it's a great nautral and gentle way to get your hair looking gorgeous.
This product claims to be a "pioneering Vitamin C hair de- tox to brighten highlights that are looking lacklustre and strip away environmental or product build up. This gentle Vitamin C formulation is a natural highlight brightener to restore shine and clarity to your hair. A unique two-pack chemistry that naturally aids oxygen and vitamin uptake whilst providing a perfect platform for successful colour treatment". I really liked the sound of a product that could revitalise your hair in a gentle way as my fine hair just won't tolerate any harsh products! This kit costs £25.00 and for that you get 3 treatments. I thought this sounded quite expensive but then I saw the results...

The kit you get consists of three vials of Vitox solution and 3 jars of Vitox powder. You mix one of each together for each treatment and shake it gently until it's a foam consistency. You wet your hair, towel dry and then apply the product and leave to develop for 3 minutes. You then rinse the formula out of your hair and shampoo/condition as normal. The idea of only mixing the formula when you need it is because apparently the Vitamin C only remains effective for a short period once it's mixed with solution.

I noticed a real difference in my hair after using this treatment. My blonde highlights looked totally refreshed and alot brighter and my hair definitely had alot of bounce to it. This is a great treatment to use just before a night out or special occasion, if you feel like your hair needs a lift and can't make it to a salon to get it coloured. They also recommend it for post holiday hair (i.e. too much chlorine from the pool has turned your hair a lovely khaki colour!).

This was really easy to use and a must for anyone with blonde or highlighted hair!

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