Saturday, October 10, 2009

YSL Golden Gloss

I just wanted to do a quick post on this YSL Golden Gloss in Golden Peony (no.10) which i got recently.

The YSL website describes this product as "a veil of shimmering gold with Golden Gloss. The gloss forms a mirror-effect on the lips which sparkles with mother-of-pearl. A complex of nourishing oils (Nigelle and Cameline Oils) protects the lips while providing total comfort. The magic and shimmer of gold captured on the lips"

The website also states that the gloss contains 0,2‰ of 24 carats gold! As you can see, the colour is gorgeous!It's a pink toned lipgloss laced with gold particles. Although I have to say that when I ordered it I was really confused by the colour tabs on the Boots website as this one was shown as a lilac/lavender colour???It's best to check out the external YSL site for proper swatches. This lipgloss has a small brush applicator and usually I would prefer a sponge like applicator but in this case the brush seems to be good quality so it doesn't bother me. Sometimes cheaper ones can splay all over the place and create a mess.

I really love the colour of this gloss and it doesn't feel gritty at all on your lips. I hate it when you can feel all the glitter particles in some glosses. The gold particles in this gloss are more shimmery than glittery as they are very fine. The gloss feels moisturising and it has great staying power, it didn't feel sticky either.

I tend to prefer to keep any shimmery/glittery products on my eyes and I wouldn't wear this gloss in the daytime as I think it would be a bit much. However, this gloss would be perfect to glam up your night-time look if you chose a suede or matte effect eyeshadow to balance the look out. You could also keep the cheeks slightly glowy rather than shimmery to make sure all the emphasis is on the lips. It feels like a really high quality product and the packaging is practical. This shade is really flattering and would really glam up a wide range of lipstick shades. I love it!

Have you tried these glosses? What did you think of them?

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