Sunday, October 4, 2009

Review of Benefit Brows a-go-go

You may have seen this cute little palette in the shops and I always think that things like this are perfect as presents for your mates. It's the Benefit Brows a-go-go palette complete with the usual cute Benefit retro packaging... The palette contains a light brow powder for blondes/redheads (looks alot like MAC Omega), a darker brow powder for brunettes, pigmented brow wax, a small double ended applicator for these, a smokin black pencil eyeliner, pale pink browbone highlighter cream formulation eyebright and mini tweezers. I think this would be a great palette to travel with as it has alot of what you need for your eye makeup in a really compact practical palette. I actually used this palette in my previous post about the Nars foundation. I love that they provide a step-by-step guide on what each product can be used for as not everyone is a makeup expert, including me. I have never used brow wax before and wasn't sure whether you apply it before or after the brow powder. (I accidentally positioned the guide in the pic on the wrong side with foreign writing...don't worry, the other side is in English!).

I followed the guide and used the brow wax first to tidy up and shape my brows, then I filled in any patchy areas with the light brow powder, I followed that by highlighting under my brows with the pale pink slightly shimmery powder and then dabbed the eyebright in the inner corners of my eye. The thing I was confused about at first was the eyebright cream. I have used Benefit Eyebright before in pencil form and that product is applied to the waterline so I was really confused by the cream formulation in this palette. It seems that in this case, it is meant to be applied to the inner and outer corners of the eye to open them up and brighten them. And I must say that it does work.
I found the tweezers worked well too and they would be so handy to travel with. The eyeliner is just a generic black eyeliner pencil really and I would probably prefer to use a MAC pearlglide liner since they are alot softer and smoother to apply. I found this Benefit one a little dry and it dragged my eyelids slightly.
Overall, this is a great little palette with a handy mirror for when you're on the go. It contains 60% of the products you would need for your eye makeup and I will definitely be taking this to ireland with me in 3 weeks time. I have really come around to the whole brow wax/powder idea as I usually just use a pencil and eyebrow gel. However, I found by using wax and powder, it gives you a tidier finish and it also looks more natural. I also found that my brows looked tidy all day and I didn't have to tidy them up later on.

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