Thursday, October 1, 2009

Products I've been LOVING this week...

I just wanted to do a run down of what I have been using regularly this week and loving to pieces.

1) Aussie Aussome Volume Shampoo and Conditioner - Aussie products have always worked with my hair. I also have their Luscious Long range and it's brilliant for giving you super smooth, shiny hair. Since my hair is fine, I struggle to get any volume in it so I have to make sure that my shampoo and conditioner doesn't weigh my hair down. The Aussome volume shampoo and conditioner is great for fine hair, my tresses have been really lightweight but smooth and shiny at the same time. The shampoo gives you that squeaky clean feeling without drying out your hair and the conditioner is just right too. I think Aussie is one of the best pharmacy/drugstore brands that there is on the market.

2) Benefit One Hot Minute - This product is a powder that is designed to give an all over glow to the face, it's super finely milled and a rose gold colour for a "suits all" shade. I love Benefit packaging, it's always so quirky and retro. Although this powder can be applied lightly all over the face for a luminous look, I wanted to tone it down for daytime so I only applied it to the tops of my cheekbones for a really subtle shimmer and I love it! I have even had people asking what I'm wearing, which is always a good sign! It comes with a mini fan brush that is actually perfect for pin pointing areas you want to highlight, rather than being clumsy with a big powder brush. It gives a great finish that's not in any way glittery or shiny. Gorgeous!

Above - Benefit One Hot Minute and below that, Madara Moonkissed Tinting Lip Gloss

3) Madara Moon Kissed Tinting Lip Gloss - This balm contains Baltic Rose Hip, Avocado Oil and natural plant minerals to soften and condition your lips. I have been using this and the By Terry Balm for the last week or so (I don't want to use up my By Terry balm too soon so I have to ration the use!). The lovely thing about this balm is that it keeps your lips soft while also giving them a lovely pink sheen. You can see the gorgeous effect it gives from the swatch below. I took this out at work to apply it and everyone was asking what it was and if they could try some. It's a really quick and easy way to get subtely glossy lips without having to use a mirror. I love products that are natural, good for you and look great too.

4) Benefit Something About Sophia perfume - I loved the B-Spot perfume I got free with my last Benefit purchases so I've been curious to check out what their other fragrances were like. This perfume is described as an "oriental-floral fragrance which features notes of mango, freesia, lily, jasmine, peony, white caramel, musk and vanilla". The box the perfume comes in is so's like a little doll's house and when you lift the roof and flip down the front, it's like you're looking into Sophia's little house. The bottle is even more gorgeous, it's like a little art deco cocktail shaker. Benefit are so spot on with their packaging and the perfume is lovely, I have been wearing it every day this week and can still smell it when I get home from work (but in a good way). It's smells quite strong when you first put it on, but then it settles and you start to get the lovely hints of vanilla and musk through...yum!

5) Korres Olive and Rye Eye Cream - Although I love Korres makeup, I sometimes have problems with their skincare as my skin is very sensitive so I have to be really careful what I use or I can breakout. I have, however, found a product which is just a star buy in my opinion. As you know, I get really dark circles under my eyes which are the bain of my life sometimes. I have been alternating this past week between applying the NUDE Advanced Eye Complex at night and then this cream in the daytime. I thought it might be too thick for the undereye area at first as the consistency feels quite heavy at first (I have posted a swatch above to give you an idea of how thick it is). However, this cream has really been working for me, I've actually noticed a big difference in the puffiness and darkness around my eyes this week. I've also noticed that my foundation and concealer 'stick' better when I use this beforehand. I just look alot more fresh and awake and I think the combination of the two products above are working wonders.

What products have you been LOVING this week?

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