Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I haven't owned alot of Nars products before, my first foray into the brand was the infamous Orgasm blush and Laguna bronzer (neither of which I got on that great with). I recently bought the Sheer Glow foundation and Albatross highlighter which I LOVE.

I am really interested to see what else the brand has to offer and I have been sent the following products to try:Blush in Nico (Natural Glow)
Lipstick in Catfight (Nude Mauve)
Duo eyeshadow in Elsa (Iridescent Lilac and Icy Blue)
Duo eyeshadow in April Fools (Golden Bisque and Shimmering Sage)
Duo Eyeshadow in Isolde (Frosted Ginger and Shimmering Copper)
Nico doesn't show up great on camera and to be honest, I wouldn't call it a blush. It's more of a highlighter. There isn't alot of shimmer to this product so it is very subtle (Albatross is my preference over this powder s it makes more of an impact in my opinion). As you would expect of a Nars product, it's finely milled and smooth to apply. I would say that it would show up a little better on olive and black skin though. The April Fools duo is not something I would normally choose to wear as yellow based greens aren't really my colour, I tend to go for more blue toned greens like aqua and turquoise. However, this Sage colour is so wearable that I have reconsidered my usual preferences and decided to give it a go in a FOTD (which will feature as my next post). This duo is not as smooth as the Elsa and Isolde duos and was a little more difficult to blend which I was a little bit disappointed with.
However, the Elsa and Isolde duos more than made up for that coz they are so soft and almost "creamy" to apply. They are really finely milled and the colours are really vibrant (I only used a very small amount for the swatches. The colours are just gorgeous. I can't wait to try the Elsa duo out and I think the Shimmering Copper shade in the Isolde duo could be used wet as an eyeliner to intensify a bronzed eye. I also think the icy blue shade and frosted ginger shade could create a really interesting look too. These are definitely my favourite two products out of what I was sent.
I would normally also steer away from any kind of mauve lipstick as it doesn't usually suit my colouring. However this is a really wearable version of the shade and I was surprised at how easy the colour is to wear. The formulation is a bit drying and it isn't the smoothest to apply however once you apply a lipgloss over the top, this isn't a problem. The colour lasts a long time on the lips and although it isn't the creamiest lipstick I've ever used, I wouldn't wear it without a lipgloss over the top so that kinda negates the problem.
What are your favourite Nars products?

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