Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Love her Style: Olivia Palermo

The Hills is my guilty pleasure (even though Chris makes fun of me for it) but I never watched many episodes of The City as I quickly got bored of it. I do remember not liking Olivia Palermo much - she just seemed too snooty for my liking. However, I absolutely LOVE her style! She mixes alot of classic pieces with really on trend stuff (alot of which is from Topshop, which the US is really into at the moment. I guess they see it as being really cool and edgy because it's a fashion forward British brand). I love the way she mixes things that you would never even think of putting together normally, but when she does that, it ends up looking fab!
The makeup and hair are generally kept very simple. She mixes alot of different textures, embellishments and fabrics but somehow it all just works. I adore the embellished Topshop jacket she is wearing in the pic above and I also love the necklace she is wearing below.
She is also great at doing very "grown up" looks with crisp tailoring and simple lines like below. Even though the look is very grown up, she keeps it fresh with an on trend structured blazer, relaxed hair, a statement necklace and killer platforms.
She often works a softer laid back look with luxurious fabrics like silk or chiffon, like the drapey blazer in the pic below. It turns a simple, relaxed look into something that looks altogether more polished and sophisticated. This looks very chic!
Whose style are you loving at the moment? Feel free to do a post in answer to this one x

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