Monday, October 12, 2009

Blog Awards

I was nominated for these awards by the ever glamourous Cheryl and if you haven't checked out her blog already, then I would recommend you do. She does some great FOTD's and her blog is just fantastic in general. I have opted out of two of the tags as alot of the questions are things that I have done before in tags so I don't want to repeat myself or bore you.

Upon receiving this award, I must list 6 interesting facts about myself...

1) Before I started blogging I never contoured, used blush or used makeup brushes (or at least hardly any). I wouldn't say I was a makeup dunce before but I have learnt so much from blogging and sharing info with everyone. I can't believe that I was happy just to have a single wash of eyeshadow and no definition in the crease!Unthinkable!ha ha. I have really enjoyed picking up all the handy tips and hints from you girls and long may it continue!
2) I am really into Japanese/Chinese art and painting. I was always really keen on art at school and I even got accepted into art school but alas my 'sensible' head was on at the time and I figured I couldn't make much of a living from it. Nothing would make me more happy than to have a whole studio to myself to paint huge canvases all day. I am determined that one day I will fulfil that dream!
3) I used to die my hair all different colours when I was a teenager. Oh yes, I went through 'mahoghany' stages, 'plum' stages...I even had it really dark once in my moody teenager years. Chris, my fiance, saw a picture of me when I was 15 with really dark hair, no makeup and with a look on my face like a bulldog chewing a wasp. He turned to me and said "so you blossomed in your LATER years, that's ok honey..." The cheek of it! I was suffering through Dawson's Creek-esque angst at the time so it was allowed. My mission is now to find an embarassing teenage picture of him! Then revenge will be mine!

4) I would class myself as being reasonably intelligent...somewhere between a carrot and Einstein.ha ha. But sometimes I really do wonder about my common sense. I sometimes display weird logic, like the other day...I was measuring the rice out for dinner and I was like "half a cup for me, half a cup for Chris". Chris came over to me and said "you know, you could just put in a whole cup to start with!". I just burst out laughing and we were in stitches for ages. Just for the record, I am not a dumb blonde! But then...I would say that, wouldn't I! 5) I hate admitting this but I only have half-brows, it's like god just got bored and stopped half way across. They just kind of taper into nothing and it's weird coz I have never plucked them that way. I guess that's just the way they grow! When I was in New York when I was about 20, I was walking through a department store and a lady at the Lancome counter shouted over "would you like me to fix your brows sweetie?" she was doing me a favour. And you know what? She probably was! You gotta love New Yorkers!

6) I have an embarassing habit of being clumsy/tripping over at every opportunity. The fact that I've broken my arm three times, cracked my ribs once and sprained my limbs numerous times should tell you that I have a problem.ha ha. If there's a kerb, I'll trip over it. If I'm holding something, I'll drop it. You would think I would have a red face all the time for the amount of occasions I embarass myself but I'm kind of over it now and I just tend to laugh to myself...which possibly makes me look clumsy AND crazy!

I nominate:

Amy Nadine The Beauty Queen - I have been LOVING her posts lately!

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