Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rouge Bunny Rouge

How happy was I yesterday when I returned from work to find that a package had been's my order from Zuneta!Hurrah!

After reading Tali's rave reviews of Rouge Bunny Rouge on her blog and You Tube channel, curiosity got the better of me so I decided to order three products from Firstly I am super impressed by the service from this website. I ordered the products on Tuesday and received them on Thursday!They also sent me emails to let me know what was happening at every stage of the order. My order also came beautiful wrapped in purple tissue in a really cool box with ribbon...I love this really personal feel to the service. It's like you're buying a present for yourself and it feels like Christmas! Fantastic! I ordered two of the Long Lasting 'When Birds are Singing' eyeshadows in Unforgettable Oriole (delicate metallic white gold) and Periwinkle Cardinal (iridescent pale silver moss green). I also got Big Lash Amplitude Mascara in Pure Obsidian (Black). Zuneta are also offering a free gift with orders over £40, free delivery with orders over £50 and free samples. My free gift was a Korres eye pencil in Gold...since I am in love with Korres makeup at the moment I was really happy to get this bonus product!I also got samples of products from a new brand from L.A. called Hourglass. I have sachets of the Mineral primer and Tinted moisturiser.
I LOVE the names of the Rouge Bunny Rouge imaginative and inticing! Their packaging is also beautiful and really artistic, right down to the embossed logo on the eyeshadow pans...gorgeous! These products are pricey, but in my opinion, sometimes it pays to spend that bit extra to get an amazing product. Everything about these eyeshadows feels and looks expensive.
They are SO creamy smooth to apply and the texture of them is just divine. The Green shade is unlike anything I've seen before. The silver shimmer running through it catches the light and no photo could do it justice. SUCH a wearable colour and so unique. Unforgettable Oriole is the perfect highlighter, base colour and also perfect for the inner corners of the eye to really open them up. These eyeshadows are without a doubt, the best quality ones I own now, they actually put my MAC ones to shame. You may be thinking that Sleek eyeshadows are just as good for a fraction of the price BUT with these shadows, you are paying extra for the amazing colours...some of which I have never seen before. I am a sucker for a unique wearable colour and this brand has the edge in that respect. Look at the gorgeous design on the lid of the eyeshadow pans...
Check out the swatches below of Periwinkle Cardinal (top), Unforgettable Oriole (middle), Korres eye pencil in Gold (bottom). They could all come together to create a really gorgeous white gold/silver green eye...can't wait to experiment!
Since I am on a mission at the moment to find the best mascara possible, I thought I would try one from Rouge Bunny Rouge since I hadn't heard much about it. What can I say, I'm a risk taker! I'm glad I took the risk though because I was wearing the mascara last night and again today and it's really impressive. The brush is quite chunky but not too big to get all the little lashes. It has given my lashes amazing length and volume...when I look upwards, my eyelashes almost touch my eyebrows! That's crazy long! I applied two coats and the formulation is really nice...not too wet and not too dry. It didn't clump at all and there has been no smudging or flaking at the corners of my eyes. Once again, the packaging is beautiful...
The Korres eye pencil is a really great product's very pigmented, smooth to apply and would look great on the waterline, worn with the RBR eyeshadows! I am a very happy bunny!

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