Monday, October 26, 2009

Products I have been loving...

I'm back! I couldn't help myself while I was away and found myself logging onto Chris' parent's computer to try and keep up to date with everyone's blog posts. I just about managed it. I hope you all had a a great weekend, mine was very busy and I kinda feel like I need another holiday!
So, on my return, I just wanted to let you know about a few products that have been getting me through the rainy, cold weather of late... Sebastian Taming Elixir - This frizz tamer contains Avocado Oil to smooth the hair and add shine. This product has been fantastic on those days when there's horrible misty rain and you often get a bit of frizz by the time you get indoors. I have been using two squirts of this elixir on damp hair then blowdrying it straight. It feels completely weightless and leaves no stickiness or residue. My hair looks shiny and smooth, even after being caught in damp weather. It has even sorted out any breakage that was visible at the roots and my hair looks alot healthier.
NUDE Advanced Smoothing Complex - If I had to compare this to an existing product on the market, then it would have to be the cult product from Estee Lauder, Advanced Night Repair Concentrate, which I have tried before. I loved that product but I love this even more because the results can be seen alot quicker and it's also cheaper. I have been using this product after cleansing and before moisturising every night. I always have to take extra care of my skin in winter as it can dry up very quickly. This product has helped to keep my skin super smooth and radiant. A little goes a very long way (one pump is enough to cover your whole face). It's a serum consistency and sinks into the skin immediately. It has made my skin feels silky soft and there are no dry patches to be seen!This is a winter essential for me!
Cosmetics A La Carte Face Final Powder (Vanilla) - This product could be compared to MAC MSF Natural in that it diffuses light to give a soft matte finish with a subtle glowiness. It's transparent and mineral based so it won't aggravate the skin in any way. It feels silky smooth and weightless and my makeup was set perfectly for the whole day without any cakiness at all. It almost creates a soft focus look to the skin which I love!
It comes with a cute little powder puff complete with a small pink bow. As cute as this applicator is, I prefer to use my kabuki brush to buff the product into my skin. The puff would be ok if you wanted to re-apply at any stage though. I used the Vanilla shade which is the medium one available. If you want a natural dewy but non-shiny finish to your makeup then this product is perfect.
Madara Eco Body Nourishing Cream - What with the cold dark nights drawing in, this is the time of year I like to slather myself in a rich, nourishing body moisturiser every night to cocoon my skin. I never have time to apply it in the mornings but by using a very rich product at night and shower oil by day, this seems to balance out my skin and keeps it soft and moisturised. My product of choice lately has been this Madara cream for dry to very dry skin. You know my love for natural and organic products and this cream contains natural plant vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids and other biologically active substances to keep your skin super hydrated. The cream sinks into my skin leaving no greasiness (which is a pet hate of mine) and that's why it's becoming another one of my winter essentials.

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