Wednesday, December 30, 2009

MAC Haul

Since I hadn't bought anything from MAC in a while, I decided it was about time I offloaded some more money (like I need to at this time of year???) I got a few products that I have heard ALOT about and finally I can score them off my lust list - hurrah! Here's a rundown of what I got:

1)Lovelorn Lipstick (Blue toned Pink Lustre Finish)
2)CremeSheen Lipglasses in Partial to Pink (Light creamy yellow pink with light gold pearl) and 3)Boy Bait (Light neutral beige with pearl)
4)Cream Colour Base in Pearl (Soft pale gold with icy shimmer)
5)Prep & Prime Transparent Finishing Face Powder
6)Eyeshadows in Satin Taupe (Taupe brown with silvery bronze shimmer, frost), Parfait Amour (Vivid bluish-violet duochrome*with violet opalescent shimmer, frost) and Naked Lunch (Minimal pink with shimmer, frost)

Here's a close look at the lipstick and gloss wands...

L-R: Lovelorn, Partial to Pink, Boy Bait. I really like the bluish pink shade of Lovelorn and it is just that bit brighter than the other MAC lipsticks in my collection. I think it's really wearable though and particularly pretty when combined with the Partial to Pink gloss. As with most MAC Lipsticks it has a smooth texture when applied and has great pigmentation. I really like the formulation of the Cremesheen glosses, they feel moisturising on the lips and are not too sticky. It's swatching time!

Top to Bottom: Boy Bait, Partial to Pink, Lovelorn.

I had to get this product after AlphaBlonde (Aleksis) raved about it in a YouTube vid and on her blog...I have the CCB in Shell already and I love it so a pale golden shade sounded wonderful! I am so happy I got this because it's just beautiful and very much like a cream version of Nars Albatross highlighter. I have heard a few people saying they find it too sticky or difficult to apply. I have never had that problem because I rub a very small amount of the product into the back of my hand until it is distributed evenly, then I tap my fingertips on the product and then apply it lightly to my cheekbones. If you try to apply it directly to the skin then you will get uneven patches and it will look too heavy. So if you struggle with this product then give that method a go before you write it off as a bad product. I adore this product!
Here's a swatch of the gorgeousness!
I had heard about this product from Killacam at Eclectic Beauty, when she listed it on her blog as a product that gives a completely flawless finish...I'll have some of that please! I'm all for any powder that can deliver a soft matte look whilst making my skin glow (I'm wondering if it can surpass MAC MSF Natural which I currently use).
And last but not least, here are the eyeshadows I bought. I decided to just buy the e/s refill pans so I could pop them stright into my palette. I have wanted to get Satin Taupe forever, everyone seemed to rave about it so I caved in and got it. And boy am I glad that I bought it. It's an absolutely gorgeous colour and teamed with Naked Lunch, an everyday essential shade for a neutral eye. Naked Lunch was a shade I wanted to get after watching countless Kandee The Makeup Artist vids on YouTube where she uses it as a brow highlight and in the inner corners of the eye. It's a gorgeous soft pink/beige and I can tell I will hit pan with this e/s VERY quickly! Parfait Amour is an amazing colour that I wanted to get after Aleksis (Alphablonde) used it in a tutorial and talked about it on her blog. This e/s is such a beautiful colour and it is so unique!
Here are the swatches and I am sure you'll agree that all 3 eyeshadows are gorgeous!
I am so happy with everything I got (I love it when that happens) and I also like it when I get products that I have been lusting after for ages.

Have you guys tried any of these products?

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