Friday, December 4, 2009

A Leeeeetle bit of Lancome

La Base Pro Perfecting Makeup Primer - The website says: "the Lancôme innovative Elasto-Smooth™ technology visibly resurfaces your skin by leaving a non greasy and supple film as an invisible second skin. Enlarged pores, fine lines, signs of tiredness… all imperfections optically fade away by light reflexion. Skin is supple, softer and visibly smoothed. This oil-free texture helps control shine and glides on seamlessly for a true playtime. La Base Pro fixes make-up for a longer lasting wear, giving a more natural and perfected result".
What I say: I think alot of people dismiss silicon based like Smashbox Photo Finish because they don't like the way they 'sit' on top of your skin and have a greasy feel to them. Although La Base Pro is silicon based, it is NOTHING like Smashbox PF. It is a gel consistency and feels completely different when you apply it. It does give the feel of a second skin akin to that of a light serum, giving you a really oil-free smooth base to apply your makeup. I think the mistake alot of people make with this product is they apply way too much. One and a half pumps of the primer is more than enough to cover your whole face. Also, you need to make sure that you are working it into your skin properly, it doesn't take a hug amount of effort to just take 30 seconds longer to make sure you have blended it into the skin properly. You should just be left with silky smooth supple skin afterwards with no greasy feeling at all. I love the frosted glass bottle this primer comes in, although it has a pump applicator and it can be difficult to get the last bit of product out once you come to the end of usage.

The thing I really like about this primer is that it feels so light on your skin, you don't even feel like you're wearing a primer. When I apply my foundation, it goes on smooth and blends so easily without feeling like it's going to slip off my face. I get an oily T-Zone and this product definitely helped to tone that down. I am also convinced that it made my makeup last for longer as at the end of the day, I found I didn't have to touch up my makeup. Overall, it just makes my skin look more polished and fresh and that's what I aim for in my everyday look. I know some people get breakouts from silicon based products but I can only say what works for my skin and I haven't had any problems with this primer in that regard. If you do have this problem, then it would probably be best to get a sample and patch test it on your jawline before buying a full size. I really do rate this product though and it dispells all the bad stuff I have heard about silicon-based primers in the past.Hypnose Drama Instant Full Body Volume Mascara - What the website says "Hypnôse Drama creates full body, high-volume lashes in a single stroke. The full contact brush, with its S-shaped curve, grasps and loads lashes for a fanned out, eye-popping, full body fringe. It works magic on tiny lashes. Even dramatizes corner lashes other brushes miss—or worse, mess. The triple coating system with caring Pro-Vitamin B5 delivers a fluid and creamy application to quickly and easily build big, battable lashes.Won't flake or clump".

What I say: I had tried the normal Hypnose mascara a couple of years ago and I remember thinking it was ok but it didn't blow me away. This seems to be the suped up version of that mascara and I love the shape of the wand (alot of brands seem to be experimenting lately with shapes, materials and even vibration in a bid to secure the title of best mascara). This mascara certainly did add volume to my lashes with just one coat, it also added quite a bit of length. I found that the S-shaped wand seemed to grab all my lashes and make the most of them.
Over the day I did notice a little bit of flaking, it was VERY slight but it did bother me slightly as I hate feeling like I have to check my makeup for that kind of thing. I want to be able to get on with my day without such things. That said, I do like the drama it adds to my lashes and with a few coats, it can really add that bambi effect. Because I am a perfectionist, the slight flaking does bother me though and after trying the quite frankly AMAZING YSL Singulier mascara, it's very hard to make room in my heart for another mascara.
Laque Fever Lipshine in 320 (Pink Delight)- What the website says: "Ultra-polished and even colour. Shine and intensity, maximized colour. Enduringly shiny lacquered lipcolour".

What I say: Gimme a pink lipgloss and I'm a happy girl! This lipgloss is well and truly within my comfort zone which consists of nudes and pinks. It has just the right amount of shimmer without making my lips look too 'discoball', it's not too sticky and it has good staying power. The pigmentation isn't that strong but I would normally wear lipglosses over a lipstick so this isn't an issue for me. It's a really pretty shade and very flattering.

I've always got along well with lancome lipglosses and there always seems to be a shade that's perfect for me. This lipgloss has the usual heart shaped sponge applicator which I really like because it fits perfectly onto your lips without making the process awkward (I sometimes find that brush applicators can make a mess and you have to be that bit more precise, making it difficult when you don't have a mirror to hand). The only downside to the gloss is that I found it quite difficult to get enough product on the wand first time, so I found myself dipping it in a couple more times. I think the neck of the tube may be a little bit too narrow and the product gets squeezed off the applicator as you pull it out. This isn't a huge deal really, just something design-wise that could be improved.
L'Absolu Rouge Lipstick in 250 (Beige Mirage) - What the website says: "For the first time in a lipstick, Pro-Xylane®, a powerful molecule of Lancôme research is introduced into a lipstick. It helps re-shape and replenish the lips. Hydration for 8 hours and perfectly designed lip contour. Indulge your lips with the most luxurious texture available in 36 absolutely rich and voluptuous shades. Precious pigments, a luxurious high-tech case, revealing a new intense sensorial experience".
Pictured above is Beige Mirage on top and Pink Delight underneath.

What I say - Lipsticks should all be moisturising because there's nothing worse than a lip product that turns your lips into a flaky, chalky mess. This lipstick feels very moisturising on the lips and applies very smoothly. I would say that the shade was a little too brown toned for my complexion as peachy toned nudes suit me better (it would possibly suit me more when I have a tan...not much chance of that in Scotland really so I'm referring to FAKE tan!).

The lipstick has good staying power and was still on my lips after 3 hours which I deem to be pretty good since I had two hot drinks in that space of time. I really liked the packaging, the way the lip is magnetised and clicked down into place although I think they could had added a bit more detail to the case to make it a bit more eyecatching. All in all, it's a really nice lip product however, although there are alot of shades, I think I would struggle to find shades that suit me as most of them seem very dark. If you are a fan of bright pink or bright red lipsticks then this would be a good one to check out as they seem to have alot of vibrant colours. However for a nude/pink lip fan like myself, there isn't a whole lot to tickle my fancy.

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