Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sales Galore!

I got a couple of vouchers as Christmas presents so naturally I trotted on down to the sales as soon as possible. Every shop seemed to have a sale on and in typical 'me' style I ended up getting a load of stuff I didn't REALLY need and none of the stuff I really do need! Why does that always happen???I always get seduced by nice shoes and pretty things! I would normally go for alot of bright colours but I seemed to be in a grey mood today for some reason, but then again, I don't own many grey coloured clothing.

Firstly I got a pale grey embellished vest top from Oasis with some gorgeous detailing around the neck. It's a really comfy top that would glam up jeans and a blazer... I love the beading detail...

Ever since Zara came to Aberdeen, I have had my eye on their shoes and bags as they have some really nice details that I haven't seen anywhere else. I spotted these black suede shoes with gold 'snake' chain metal detail at the front.
These have a slight platform, just the way I like my shoes, this makes them that bit more comfortable to wear. Here's a closer look at the detailing on the front...
I also got another dress from Oasis that is very much in the 'glam sporty' category. I intend to wear this pale grey silk dress with leggings for daytime and glam it up with shoe boots or platform shoes for night time. You can wear this dress with or without the straps and it comes about 2 inches above the knee.
This next dress has to be my favourite item of the whole shopping trip, it's a heavily embellished dress from Monsoon. This gunmetal grey minidress is quite heavy so it feels really luxe, sits about 3 inches above the knee and is just really gorgeous on. It hangs perfectly and is really flattering, it's just fitted enough to show your shape but loose enough to be super comfortable. I can't wait to wear this at New Year with shoe boots or killer platform stilettos. I got this dress for half price at £47.50 and it's worth every penny!
I have a couple of other limited edition dresses from Monsoon and they have lasted me for about 4 or 5 years and I expect this one will last me a long time too. They are very well made and tend to be the type of design that transcends past the next few seasons. Here's a closer look at the beautiful detail on the dress...
Lastly, I picked up another 100% one shouldered silk dress from Monsoon in a beautiful raspberry pink/red colour. It's quite a short dress, with gorgeous frill detail down the right hand side of the dress. I mainly picked this for the colour as I don't have anything else like this. I can't wait to wear it with the black heels above and my black sequin blazer!
So did you guys pick up any bargains in the Christmas sales???

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