Monday, December 14, 2009

Ups and Downs

  • It's ALMOST Christmas and I'm alot more organised than I normally would be at this time of year. I sent my Christmas cards and bought all my presents...wonders will never cease!
  • It was my 27th birthday yesterday so I got lots of nice things from my fiance and family AND I went for a nice slap up meal last night so I was a bit of a piggy wiggy!
  • Everyone seems to be in a good mood what with Christmas and all...I love how everyone gets all sentimental at this time of year :)
  • My hair seems to be growing at lightning fast speed and in really good condition (I can only think that this must be the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment!). Chris commented that my hair looks 'lovely' so he gets extra brownie points for that!
  • My mum told me she bought me a gorgeous buttery soft tan short leather jacket for one of my Christmas presents so I can't wait to see that!


  • My skin seems to be playing up this week...I'm talkin spots, dry patches and uneven pigmentation...very annoying and I'm trying everything to fix it but when you have numerous problems, it's hard to get it all fixed at once. My foundation is looking rubbish and that's pretty much the reason why.
  • I've had a cold for the past 8 days and it's wearing thin now, I think I have a chest infection and have only been sleeping about 2-3 hours a night due to copious amounts of coughing. The doctor can't see me till Friday so I'll have to put up with it till then :( I'm guessing that's maybe why my skin has gone to pot, I think I'm just run down and exhausted in general!
  • Because of my bout of illness, I have't been able to go to the gym in the past week or so and I'm really craving it (I never thought I would say that). It's just with all the meals I have to go to what with my birthday and Christmas work do's etc, I could eat junk without the guilt if I knew I was going to work it off later. But at the moment I just feel bloated and yucky. I'm wishing this cold away so I can get back to my healthy regime, I felt ALOT better when I was exercising regularly.

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