Monday, December 21, 2009

2009 Beauty Favourites

Shifa over at Get Gawjus has just done a 2009 Beauty Favourites post and since I love reading those kind of posts myself, I thought I would do my own one. It's just a list of products that I have been using this year that have really impressed me and will continue to be a part of my beauty regime. AND just to make it fair, I'm only going to list products that I paid for with my own money. So, lets get started...
1) Nars Albatross - I can't emphasise how much I love this powder highlighter. I first heard about it when I started reading beauty blogs at the start of the year and after coveting it for months, I finally bought it. The compact was alot smaller than I thought but funnily enough, the product lasts for ages as you only need a little bit. Nothing else in my makeup collection surpasses this pale yellow powder for a gorgeous, ethereal, subtle glow that photograhs beautifully.
2) Forever Living Aloe Propolis Cream - This is the best moisturiser I have found for my skin because it's all natural so it's gentle on the skin, super nourishing, sinks into your skin without leaving a greasy film, perfect for day or night and it's fantastic for rashes or irritated skin. I recently got a bad rash on my face as a side effect of taking antibiotics for my chest infection/pneumonia. Nothing would budge it UNTIL I started using this cream again. Within two days my skin was back to normal and that's why I love this cream! 3) Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment - Ok so I do harp on about this product alot but thats because it has done great things for my hair. It leaves it in amazing condition, shiny, manageable, bouncy and really soft. I dont completely follow the instructions as I apply it as my conditioner instead of using it between my shampoo and conditioner, I think this product is enough to condition your hair on it's own. My hair has definitely grown more in between hair appointments whilst I have been using this about 4 times a week. I just bought my second tub and I'm recommending it to all my friends!
4) YSL Rouge Voluptes - Anyone who tells you that you shouldn't be paying £20 for a lipstick has never tried a Rouge Volupte. These are HG lipsticks and I know that I just can't resist their heavenly formula or super luxe packaging. It's a luxury using these lipsticks and the only downside is that they don't last as long as you would like. However, I would quite happily bin all my other lippies, including all my MAC ones, in favour of these babies. Nothing else comes close in my opinion.
5) Xen Tan Mousse Intense - You would assume from the name 'intense' that this would give you a super dark tan, but it doesn't. It's somewhere between the effect you get from gradual tanning mositurisers like Dove Summer Glow and St Tropez. I use this when I want a little bit more colour for a special occasion. I much prefer the golden look to an all out dark fake tan, it can be ageing if you go too dark. This mousse formulation dries really quickly, moisturises and smells alot better than any other fake tan I have tried. I have never experienced any streaks or patchiness with this product and that's why it's my fool-proof way to get a subtle golden glow.

6) Loreal Lash Renewal Serum/Double Extension Mascara - This is kinda two products but I love them both so it's allowed! I bought the serum/mascara duo first and I was really impressed with it. The white serum that coats the lashes really does make a different to the length and volume without clumping. The mascara doesn't smudge or flake and lasts all day on me, whilst giving me lovely lashes. The renewal serum designed to help your lashes grow and become more voluminous has also helped to fill in any sparse patches in my lash line and I continue to use this every second night. I often get asked if I am wearing false eyelashes and my dad made a comment that my lashes are "scary long".ha ha.
7) ELF Mineral Eyeshadow in Natural - I bought this because I watched a video on You Tube by Lollipop26 where she raves about this eyeshadow so I thought, what the heck. I got it and it doesn't look like much in the pot but when you put it on, it is so so pretty. It's like a golden, sheeny, slightly peachy colour and it's just so flattering. It's definitely something I wear at least 3 or 4 times a week, on it's on and also with darker neutral shades. It's just such a gorgeous colour, would flatter almost anyone, SUCH good value for money (I use mine regularly and still have loads left after 4 months use). It's very high quality and would rival any high end mineral eyeshadow. I always get compliments on this eyeshadow which is unusual for such a neutral colour. I just think it's a gorgeous gorgeous product. 8) MAC Underage Lipglass - I had this on my lust list a long time before I bought it and I'm glad I finally caved in all those months ago. This is such a gorgeous lipgloss and it lasts such a long time. I've heard alot of people don't like the formulation but I do like it because it long lasting and alot of the lighter formula glosses only last 5 minutes before disappearing. I love this shade as it's a perfect partner to my pink and nude lipsticks. It also tones down any brighter lipstick shades, turning them into a colour thats more flattering for me.9) Korres Monoi Oil Bronzer - This is such a fantastic bronzer and I love the bronze/brown coloured packaging. It's moisturising, never streaky or patchy and gives a really natural colour to the face. It's never looks orangey or over the top. It's versatile as it doesn't have shimmer running through it when applied so you can use it all over as as a contouring colour. Mine has lasted a long time, I've had it for around 6 months and I havent even hit pan yet! This bronzer is well worth the money.
10) L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil - This shower oil is a real luxury, it's so lovely to use and your skin feels unbelievable afterwards. There's no need to apply body moisturiser because the shower oil seeps into your skin and keeps it nourished. I love anything that saves me time in the mornings! It smells delicious and creates a really soft lather (it's best to use it with a shower puff so you only need a small amount of product). Your skin won't feel greasy or slippy when you get out of the shower, just amazingly soft and supple. It doesn't irritate the skin and can be a real benefit to anyone with dry skin. Perfect for winter!

I could have listed so many more products but I thought I would keep it to just 10. Let me know if you post something similar to this as I am always interested in everyone's favourite products.

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