Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Review Of Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation & Metallic e/s

I wanted to do a quick review of these two products which were sent to me recently. The products in question are the Skin Foundation in Natural (no.4) and Metallic Eyeshadow in Golden Peach (no.17).
I have been very curious about the Skin Foundation ever since I read Bubblegarm's review on it back in February. If you haven't read that, then you can click on this link http://bubblegarm.blogspot.com/2009/02/bobbi-brown-skin-foundation-spf15.html. I think everyone is so different when it comes to foundation, everyone has different priorities and preferences. I personally like a light foundation with medium coverage for summer but I need a medium-full coverage for winter as I get very rosy cheeks and nose (funny how I cover my rosy cheeks with foundation then apply blusher??!).
I love foundations with pump applicators as it makes things so much easier. The formulation is very light, almost runny but don't worry, it's not so liquid that it drips everywhere. I would say that the coverage is light to medium but it is described as buildable so you can always layer it until you are happy with the coverage (probably best done with a foundation brush). I think you always have to be wary of layering foundation too much though as it can look heavy if you're too heavy handed with it and ends up feeling like a mask. The 'Natural' shade really brightened up my skin and looked flawless, when you set this with a good powder like MAC MSF Natural or Korres Wild Rose Powder, this would photograph really well. It gives a radiant finish without looking shiny or greasy. As I said before, I would only wear this foundation once the cold weather has passed since the blustery winds really batter my skin so I need more coverage at the moment. This would be a fantastic foundation for spring/summer time because it's light on the skin, comfortable to wear, has SPF 15, is long lasting and makes your skin look so healthy. One thing I would add is that I would only wear this foundation on the days when I don't have a breakout as I feel more comfortable with more coverage when I have blemishes to cover. On my good skin days though I'm more confident and can get away with a lighter formula.
Next up is the Metallic Eyeshadow in Golden Peach and as soon as I saw this compact, I was impressed with how much product you get in the pan. The colour instantly appealed to me as you can't go wrong with a pretty metallic peach! This shade would be perfect for a neutral daytime look or as a base colour. It's so pretty as you will see from the swatch below, it gives off a lovely sheen on the skin and I can see this being a very popular every day werable shade for me. It's long-lasting and doesn't crease (but then most eyeshadows shouldn't if you apply them over a good base such as a cream eyeshadow). It blends into the lid really easily, is finely milled and has just the right amount of shimmer.
So both of these products were a hit with me, even though I would only wear the foundation in the Spring/Summer time, I still think it's a top quality product. I always like to change my products to suit the weather outside and as you will see from the photo below that Chris took this afternoon, the snow is pretty bad today!
I must admit though, it really feels like Christmas when you look outside and it's snowing, it's so festive! Saying that, I hope you guys aren't too affected by it because judging by the news today, alot of people have been caught out in the snow for hours on end in their cars and I really feel for them. So be safe everyone!

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