Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Crazy Heels

Whilst tidying out my closet (this happens regularly as I make such a mess of it on a daily basis!)I have come to realise that my shoes can be sorted into two distinct categories...shoes that I can walk in and shoes that just look pretty. I often find that I see an amazing pair of shoes with gorgeous detailing and conveniently ignore the fact that they kill my feet before I've even left the house!
I'm almost just content staring at them neatly tucked away in their box, looking pristine and untouched...yes I think I do have a problem! Often these amazing shoes are not practical or comfortable, they're more a work of art in their own right. They make me happy. However, I am fully aware that I need to start concentrating on shoes that I can actually put on my feet and god forbid, walk in for more than 10 minutes! I have noticed more and more crazy heels on shoes and I keep wondering whether people can actually WALK in them...I mean celebrities wear them on the red carpet but they have chaffeurs to drop them off, they walk about for a couple of hours and then get driven home. Not exactly the same as battling your way home through the mean streets, is it?! I always feel 100% more glamourous when I have high heels on. I tend to feel like I have clown feet when I wear flats and the weird thing is, I kinda walk funny in them...I always find that I walk straighter and taller in heels. Although with the icy weather appearing over the last couple of days I think I will be forced to wear flats or risk a broken limb! So do you guys go for the comfy option or tough it out in in sky scrapers?
Does anyone out there in beauty bloggerland wear those crazy heels that have baubles on them or carved figurines???

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