Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Present Ideas

I would like to say that I'm super organised at this time of year but that would be a brazen lie! I always promise myself I will take inspiration from my mum and buy a present each month leading up to Christmas but sadly...that NEVER happens.  I always wait until a week before and then go on a mad rush to get everything in one day.  I think I secretly like the adrenaline rush of not knowing whether I will complete my mission!ha ha. 

Sometimes it's hard to find the perfect present for your friends at Christmas time but I always find these kinds of posts are handy for brainstorming.  I just wanted to add a quick disclaimer that I have not been asked to post this OR sponsored by any of the featured brands.  These are all just items that I like and would be happy to receive myself.  All the gifts listed are priced £30 or below.

 We all have a friend who loves their coffee and can't live without it.  This thermal commuter KeepCup is perfect for your friends who walk to work every day or drive long distances and need a caffeine pick me up along the way! Using disposable cups isn't good for the environment so this is a great product in that respect.  They could make their own coffee or just ask for their coffee to be decanted into their KeepCup at Starbucks whilst feeling all smug that they're helping to save the world!  The KeepCup replicates standard takeaway sizes and fits under the group heads of espresso machines.  KeepCups are BPA free and non toxic. They have good thermal properties keeping drinks hot 20-30 minutes longer than disposable cups.  One of the coolest things is that you can design your own and choose which colours you want on the website.  They are really good value for money:

The company ships worldwide too!

I'm always untangling my jewellery in the drawer beside my bed and I get sick of spending ages messing around to find which pieces I want.  I know lots of other people have this problem too so these cute jewellery holders are a really lovely way to display your prettiest items...

Jewellery holder from Asos, you can buy it for £14.00 by clicking here.

£12.00, to buy it click here

ASOS will be shipping worldwide free of charge until 14th dec!

I always feel that you can never go wrong with a good quality makeup palette and there's some really cute ones from Too Faced at the moment.  I own two palettes from Too Faced and they are both gorgeous.

This is the Too Faced Glamour To Go Fairy Edition Palette.  Apart from the cover been soooo cute and dainty, it houses 8 eyeshadows, 1 pink lip gloss, 1 bronzer and 1 pink blush.  With a mix of neutrals and subtle brights, all the shades look like they would be really flattering.  These palettes are always really compact and practical so they're great for anyone who travels or even just to pop in their bag to touch up their makeup at a party.  It's priced at £16 and is available on Asos here.

I am spectacularly rubbish at putting false lashes on but I know there's alot of girls out there who have mastered the art.  A great way to try out a few different styles is to get the Girls Aloud Eyelure Lash Set with Washbag and Brush Set.  Great for anyone who loved Girls Aloud or just loves big, fluttery eyelashes!  You get 5 sets of false lashes in this set and it comes in a really cute washbag.  It's priced at £25.00 and is available on here

If you have any friends who are obsessed with statement rings, then this baby would be right up their street.  How cool is this ring?! It would look amazing with a killer dress for the festive season.  It's the Scott Wilson 14ct Gold Plated Circle Ring for £30 available at ASOS.
Click here to buy

Loads of people were lusting after the Origins Ginger products I had posted about recently so this Origins Ginger Treat Set would be the perfect gift for anyone who loves to pamper themselves.  You get the
Ginger Float Bubble Bath, Ginger Souffle Body Cream and Incredible Spreadable Scrub.  All this for £29!  I can testify that this stuff smells absolutely divine and it makes your skin feel incredible.
Click here to buy.

I always find myself lusting over the Bobbi Brown Limited Edition palettes at this time of year because they really appeal to me when I'm thinking about party makeup.  This Sparkle Glamour Quad for £30 looks gorgeous and I think any girl would be happy to get this as a gift!
Buy on the BB website here.

Every girl would agree that you can never have too many bags and this Accessorize Gina Slouchy Fuschia Shoulder Bag is a great way to add a pop of colour to your winter wardbrobe.  It's £28.00 and you can click here to buy it

If you have already got your friend a big present and are looking for something small to go with it, then this Cherry Cupcake Handcream available at River Island is just the cutest hand cream ever!  Great for anyone who likes fun and quirky things.  It's only £5.99 and you can click here to buy

Winter means cold weather and cold weather means it's definitely time to wrap yourself in gorgeous scarves.  Oh no, they're not just a practical piece of clothing, they're a way to add texture and colour to your overall look and link your outfit together.  This Dune Ava Scarf with metallic thread looks luxe and is priced at £30.
Click here to buy.

You know I like to post a bit of music every so's a huge part of my life and I always have my iPod with me wherever I go.  Wouldn't the world be a sad place without music?  I have a real ecclectic taste in music and I never rule anything out which means my iTunes contains everything from Marvin Gaye to Lady GaGa to Jay-Z to Foo Fighters.  I have been listening to this tune alot at the really gets me through that point when I feel like I can't do spurs me on somehow.  I can imagine I would head straight for the dancefloor if I heard this come on in a club. I loooooves me a bit of house music!

This next tune is by a new artist from Essex, Jessie J...I heard this song the other day on Fearne Cotton's show on Radio 1 and I quite like it.  She has a similar style to Lady Gaga I guess...pop with an r'n'b vibe to it.  Actually in the video for the song she looks like Lily Allen from the neck up and Lady Gaga from the neck down! ha ha.  She has written songs for a few other big artists in the past like Alicia Keys, toured with Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake is apparently one of her biggest fans.  The song is released on 2nd December in the UK and on 7th December in the US.  This video DOES have some swearing (cussing) in it so if you are easily offended then it's probably best not to watch it!

What do you reckon to Jessie J? What songs get you in the mood for working out?

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