Monday, December 20, 2010

Liparazzi's Favourites: Benefit

I often get asked to do a 'collection' post and as lovely as that would be in theory, it would take forever to photograph everything I have because my stash has become rather obscene!  I thought that these 'Liparazzi's Favourites' posts would be a more concise way to take a trip through my most used products from each brand.  As much as it helps to hear which products I DON'T like, by putting the spotlight on my most used products, it will give you a better idea of what is really worth buying.

This time, I have decided to talk about the Benefit little gems I reach for the most.  I have always loved the fun and whimsical nature of the Benefit packaging, it has a lovely retro feel to it that has been widely imitated by other brands.  I never realised how many Benefit products I use on a daily basis until I scooped them all up together to take the pic below! 

It took me a while to figure out the best way to use Benefit's Erase Paste.  This can sometimes happen with certain try it at first and find it's not quite perfect but then you slowly develop different techniques or routines to make it work for you.  In the case of Benefit Erase Paste, I often found it settled into fine lines and was quite tacky once applied.  This annoyed me for a long time but then I decided to use it in conjunction with another product.  Think of it more as a colour corrector like the Bobbi Brown Corrector.  I now apply it by patting in a VERY thin layer under my eyes, ensuring to blend thoroughly.  Then I apply a liquid consistency concealer over the top (also in a very thin layer), something like Mac Select Moisturecover or Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer.  The liquid concealer sets the Erase Paste and stops it from settling into lines or feeling sticky.  I find that Erase Paste has an incredibly brightening effect on my eyes and it covers my dark circles brilliantly when doubled up with a liquid concealer.


Benefit Boi-ing Concealer is a great product to cover redness or blemishes.  The consistency is alot firmer than Erase Paste because they are meant for completely different uses.  Although Boi-ing is drier, it's certainly still creamy enough not to make your skin look cakey.  I often use it to cover the redness around my nose or on my chin.  It stays put all day and I have the Light and Medium shades so I can mix them to create the perfect tone for my skin on any given day.  I would say that Boi-ing is too heavy to apply as an undereye concealer, at least on my eyes anyway.

I love to use Hello Flawless Powder in Toffee and although it's described as a powder 'cover up' on the Benefit website, I use this VERY lightly as a setting powder for a night time look when you need that extra bit of flawlessness.  Your skin is guaranteed to look perfect all night when you use this product!  It's best applied with a powder brush rather than the sponge provided to ensure you get the lightest of applications.  Benefit Hoola is perfect as a contour shade on me, it's matte and has no orangey tones so it gives the illusion of chiselled cheekbones!  Alot of people complain about the packaging but I quite like it.  And what can I say about Coralista that hasn't already been said? Well, to make it quick, its the perfect illuminating coral shade that gives life to my face, looks fresh and is incredibly subtle.

I love Benefit's chunky pencil products, in particular their High Brow one which I use every single day to line my waterline.  It opens and brightens my eyes instantly and although it's designed to be applied under the brows to lift/shape them, I prefer to use it to freshen my eyes. The Gilded pencil is perfect in the waterline and inner corners of the eyes when you are using brown, golds and bronzes.  It's particularly effective when you use it to line under youe eyes because it catches the light in such a pretty way.  The Bad Gal pencil I have is on it's last legs so I'll have to invest in a new one soon.  It's SO easy to use when you want a sexy, smudgy look.  You don't have to be precise when applying it, you just draw a rough line, then get smudging! I love that it's a charcoal black so it's softer than alot of other black liners but it still gives the definition you need to make your eyes stand out.

This is another product that I use every day from Benefit, they really do make great palettes that are fantastic for travelling.  This Brows a-go-go palette has two brow powders, brow wax to shape and tidy, a brightening light pink powder on the left for the inner corners of eye and under your brow and the Eye Bright cream formula to brighten undereye circles.  In the palette, you also get a double ended brush and a smokey black eye liner.  It also came with mini tweezers but I managed to lose them a couple of months ago!  This is a really convenient palette to have around because you get lots of products in one place.  I've seen some of these palettes on Ebay but I don't think they're available at the counters anymore.  Although the Brow Zings sets have the brow powders in them if you are particularly interested in them.  Alternatively, you can use something like Mac Omega e/s for your brows if you are blonde like me!

Powderflage is a fantastic setting/brightening powder for under your eyes that is ideal for cleaning up any fall out after you have applied your eyeshadow.  It makes sure my under eye concealer doesn't move all day and my dark circles dissapear with it's light diffusing properties.  This has lasted me for ages now and I apply it with a fluffy e/s blending brush.  Most face powders are too heavy to apply under your eyes but this super light, pale pink powder is brilliant for making you look like you've had your full 8 hours sleep!

I love to use High Beam on my cheekbones, browbones and down the centre of my nose.  It gives that real ethereal look that's difficult to achieve with a powder highlighter.  The best thing about it is that it's subtle enough to wear in the daytime without looking too extreme.  It's gorgeous in the summer because it catches the sun and makes your skin look hydrated, glowing and fresh.  However, it's also great in the winter because it is slightly cool toned and works well in the harsher winter daylight.  I love the sheen it has and the fact that there isn't even a hint of glitter or shimmer.  It looks so delicate on the skin and it's probably my favourite liquid highlighter in my whole collection.

I never apply my eyeshadow without priming my lids with a cream eyeshadow first.  I like Mac Paint Pots but another great cream product is the Benefit Creasless Cream Eyeshadow/Liner.  I have four shades and the only one I would use as a liner is the Skinny Jeans shade as I think the others are too light to define my eyes.  I love these products because they give a great base for powder eyeshadow to grab on to and they really do make your eyeshadow last longer and prevents it from creasing.  The shades that are available are very wearable for daytime looks and I love the girly packaging with birds on the pretty!

What are your favourite Benefit products?

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