Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Reiss Haul

Reiss has fast been becoming my favourite website to lust after gorgeous casual wear with a unique edge to it or a glamourous dress for a night out.  Alot of the items on the website have a classical feel to them so you know that even though you are paying a bit extra, you are investing in something that will last for ages.  I got money as a present for Christmas to spend in the Christmas Sales so the first place I went to was my beloved Reiss online store because recently, they have had alot of amazing sales on.  I have been really impressed with the quality of all the other Reiss items I have bought in the past and I have found that their sizing system is alot better than most stores.  Their sizes really are true to what they should be...I hate it when stores makes the sizes really small, you know you haven't put any weight on but it doesn't do anything for your self esteem to have to go a size up!  Granted the prices at Reiss at hefty but that's why I swoop in like a vulture when their sales are on!

I love floaty blouses that can be teamed with skinny jeans, jeggings or even tucked into high waisted skirts for a really feminine edge.  They have a wide selection of sheer blouses but this cream and toffee faint leopard print one with little gold buttons really stood out for me.  It gives a nod to the western style shirts and blouses that have been around this season without looking too 'novelty'.  The buttons feel really high quality and they are stitched on really well.  I sometimes find that alot of cheaper brands don't pay much attention to that and the buttons start falling off after a few washes.  This lovely blouse was originally £89, which frankly I wouldn't pay for a sheer blouse, but since it was marked down to £40 in their winter sale I snapped it up.  It's 100% cotton which means it's a breathable fabric and won't feel itchy next to your skin.  This will be especially advantageous in the summer.  This blouse is quite long and sits about a couple of inches below my hips but that's how I like my tops since I have a short waist and wouldn't want to accentuate that!

The next thing I got was this longline beige vest top embellished with tiny studs and crystals, which was reduced from £49 to £20.  These tops are the softest cotton jersey and they just feel really luxurious on your skin.  The studs and crystals feel really sturdy so I doubt they will come off in the wash, that's what you pay extra for...sturdiness!  I love layering up tops like this in the Winter and then breaking them out in summer when the weather becomes milder (it does happen in Scotland...I promise!).

I love long line tops because you can wear them with legging and jeggings...I'm the type of person who would NEVER expose my lower torso in either of these skin-tight pieces of clothing because if I'm being honest, it just doesn't look pretty!  Some people can JUST about get away with it but I have seen some shockers as well so I air on the safe side and wear longer tops.  No one wants to see 'camel toe'!

This is another longline vest top, but this time it's cream with an absolutely gorgeous studded design on the front.  I fell in love with this super soft cotton jersey top as soon as I saw it.  I love anything with studs, beads and sequins...maybe I was a magpie in a precious life!?

This top was reduced from £49 to £24 and I just know I will wear this to death.  It's the perfect top for when you want to be casual but it still has some interest to it.  Just because you're going casual, it doesn't mean you have to look bland!  They didn't hold back with the studs on this top and that's what makes it look that bit more expensive.

I could have spent a fortune on this website and there were a couple of dresses which caught my eye but since I had bought THREE dresses in the sales, I thought I had better restrain myself a little.  I am still waiting for some things from French Connection, Rise and Next so I will update you as they arrive!

I have been listening to alot of Adele's stuff recently and on the recommendation of Pinkalishy, I checked out her song 'Someone Like You' which she performed on Later With Jools Holland in November of this year.  I absolutely love this song and especially the story behind it.  Everyone can identify with that situation where you still have feelings for your ex, then you see him all settled with his new love.  Her voice really communicates the pain and longing people feel when that happens.  I could listen to her all day long!

I won't be posting anything now until after New Year so I will take this opportunity to wish you guys an amazing New Year's Eve! I am excited to be starting another fresh year, I love the way it reminds you to re-asses things in your life, try new things and mend old broken bonds.

Have a wonderful time and I'll see you all in 2011!

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