Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jemma Kidd Makeup School

I have featured the Jemma Kidd Makeup School Ultimate Lipstick Duo in Wendy on my blog before here and I really love the concept of a double ended product featuring a moisturising balm to prime the lips and a lipstick on the other end.  These lipsticks are so handy as a space saver since you don't have to lug around a lipbalm and lipstick separately.  Wendy is a great shade, a real peachy pink that looks delicate and flattering.

I now have two more shades, Juliet (a rosy nude) and Grace (a rosy peach/coral).  Juliet shown in the front of the pic below is a very wearable and flattering nude that looks glossy and fresh even without lipgloss.  Grace is a slightly stronger coral peach that looks amazing teamed with Mac Lipglass in Pink Lemonade.  That combination really livens up your complexion!  

Convenience aside, these creamy lipsticks are also very moisturising which is ideal for these obscenely cold temperatures we are getting at the moment (it was -10oC this morning!).  They glide on and athough they don't last for hours on end, they so fade in an even manner so you aren't left with patchy colour.  You can wear the lipstick alone for greater staying power but I prefer to keep my lips in good condition with the balm.  It contains Vitamins A & E which ensure your lips never get dry and flaky.

The only downside to these lipstick duos, in my opinion, is that the products on each end are a bit small and could be bigger.  Creamy lipsticks never last as long as their drier counterparts...it's a catch 22 of preferring more moisturising formulas I guess!  These lipsticks are priced at £13.00 each.  If you want to check out what other shades are available, you can have a look at the Jemma Kidd Makeup School website here (note - the shades on the main site are more accurate than the UK specific site, Space NK, where you actually buy them).  They are available on LookFantastic.com but there aren't many shades on there.

I have had my eye on the Jemma Kidd Makeup School Shimmer Shadows for a while now because they all seem to be incredibly wearable shades that would all create a great base for just about any look.  Brulee and Peachie particularly caught my eye and they look even better in real life than they do in the pics!

These soft pearl eye shadows have a buildable quality so you can choose between a sheer wash of colour or a more intense finish.  I personally like the really shimmery effect on the eyes, which highlights the centre of the lid...so pretty! Brulee is a really gorgeous goldy beige that would be perfect as an all over lid colour but also as a highlight shade.  Peachie is like a powder version of Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in RSVP but you obviously get more reflective qualities in the powder shadow.  You also don't get any shimmery fallour from these shadows which is a massive bonus.

I am such a makeup geek that I had a massive smile on my face when I saw these shadows in the pans.  They are what they say on the tin...shimmer shadows packed with reflective particles.  Both of these shades would look incredible in the summer on tanned skin...perfect shadows to take on holiday for an easy wash of colour for the daytime.  They are really smooth to the touch and have really good pigmentation.  Peachie reminds me of the Mac Melon Pigment swatches I have seen online.  These shadow are priced at £11 each.  To see the other shades available please click here.

Have you had your eye on any Jemma Kidd Makeup School products?

Remember I said the weather was keeping Chris from going offshore for Christmas? He waited for 8 hours at the heliport yesterday but his flight was cancelled due to the low temperatures (apparently the type of helicopters they use can't fly in temperatures below 0oC).  I was hoping he wouldn't have to go away for Christmas but his flight was rescheduled for today and he left this morning.  Blub!  So I won't see him until Monday...it kinda sucks but at least it's only a week and not the usual 2 weeks.  I'm trying to stay positive you see!

The snow really is causing havoc with just about everything at the moment and it's all over the news every single night.  It's rather embarassing that the UK has handled the whole thing so badly and questions are being asked as to why we weren't prepared.  In my opinion the reasons are simple...either we pay higher taxes to buy more gritters and to account for preparations and buy expensive snow tyres for ours cars OR we suck it up and deal with it. 

People always complain about paying higher taxes but that's what it takes to be prepared for this stuff.  Most European countries spend alot more than we do on preparing themselves for the cold weather and snow but if we aren't prepared to pay the cost, then we will NEVER be ready for this kind of extreme weather.  Also, I've noticed that no one seems prepared to help out i.e. clearing snow and spreading grit on the pavements outside your house or your business.  We always clear our car park when it snows, it's not fun and it's hard work but if it means people get out quicker in the mornings then it's worth it.  I think it's a city thing where people are less inclined to be community minded (it always annoys me that our neighbours rarely say hello in passing).  Sorry, rant over...I just don't get why people find it so hard to get their heads around the financial trade off regarding the extreme conditions and the fact that we all have to pitch in and help eachother instead of just thinking about ourselves.  God, I sound old!ha ha.

And lastly, a quick video from the Look magazine website where a member of the Look staff works her magic on her colleagues hair.  I wish I had her on hand when I need to glamourise myself because this is my favourite kind of party hair!  I also picked up some good tips like holding the hair in your hand after you curl it and pinning it...that explains why my hair never stays curly for long when I use wide barrell tongs! 

What's your favourite party hair style?

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