Thursday, December 16, 2010

New CID Cosmetics i-gloss

I have used some New CID Cosmetics before and it's been hit and miss as a brand for me so far. However, I really like these i-gloss Light-Up Lip Glosses in Honeypot (shimmering beigey-pink shade with gold reflects) and Moonstone (a very pale pink with lilac reflects) which are £15.50 each.  Honeypot looks especially eye-catching in the packaging...

The i-gloss products feature a mirror on the side and small lights in the lid which automatically come on when you unscrew the lid.  This is a pretty nifty feature as you can apply your lipgloss anywhere, no matter how bad the lighting is!

This is handy to have on a night out when you go to the toilets, wash your hands but then it's not always easy to stand at the mirror with everyone jostling for position.  So you can step aside and still perfect your lip gloss at least! It would also be handy if you tend to apply your lipgloss in the car/taxi alot.  It's just a great party product to be honest and this time of year is full of opportunities to go out!

I love these two colours but I think I will get the most use out of Honeypot which is a warmer shade that makes your complexion look bright and healthy.  The consistency of these glosses is really nice, non-gritty and they stay put for a long time.  It's a lightweight gel formula with a really nice sponge applicator and I like the way it never feels sticky or gloopy on your lips.  Moonstone looks great over lipsticks like Mac Angel or YSL Rouge Volupte in Lingerie Pink.  Honeypot would look lovely over Estee Lauder Pure Colour lipstick in Vanilla or Mac Creme De Nude.

As I said, they are £15.50 each and you may think that's a little expensive for a gloss but when you consider that you are getting 6.2g of product, a light and a mirror, I think it's a reasonable deal (for reference, a MAC lipglass is £12 for 4.8g of product).

If you are interested in trying these glosses out, the website Francesco Group is offering this New CID Cosmetics i-gloss set containing 6 of the shades for only £20.40 OR you can get it as a free gift on the New CID Cosmetics website when you purchase any three products from the brand (you also get free shipping on all UK orders or free international shipping when you spend £50 or more).  This little set would be a great way of trying a few different shades. 

I decided to head into town yesterday and tackle all my Christmas shopping in one go. A clever idea?, that's a resounding no on that one. It was a nightmare! People pushing and shoving, bags cutting into your hands and I'm pretty sure I've permanently damaged the muscles in my left arm!ha ha. I did get a little distracted whilst out but I'm blaming that solely on my mum, who came along for the ride to help me spend my money (as if I need any assistance in that respect!).

While I was in New Look getting a present, I noticed some cute little brown suedette wedge boots which would make the perfect comfy everyday shoes for trudging around the place.  I have seen nicer, more expensive ones in Dune but I didn't want to spend a fortune on a pair of shoes when I had other presents to get.  Why do I always end up buying things for myself when I go Christmas shopping???  Have you ever done that thing where you get a present for a friend or relative, then you realise you like it too much to give it away and you end up keeping it for yourself and buying them something else? No? Me neither! (ahem.)

Anyways, I had mentioned that I would be on the lookout for some nice cushions for our two brown leather sofas and my mum suggested we go to BHS of all places.  I didn't hold out much hope of finding any nice cushions there but low and behold, I found some!  These long cushions with a sheeny beige and dark grey design on them caught my eye and also the dark grey ones with a flower pattern.  I knew they would be perfect in our livingroom so I got 3 of each.  They finish off the room nicely and they are really good quality too.  The long ones were £22 each and the square ones were £15 but because there was a sale on, we got all 6 for £88.50!  Bargain!

Also, we FINALLY got our acacia wood coffee table delivered after months of waiting for it.  I love how it's really natural and has knots and cracks in it.  It's really solid looking and fits in well with the style of our flat.  We only need a few more things to finish off the room.

I love interior design so I could look at pictures and brochures all day!

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