Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Christmas Sales Wish List

I always get rather excited when the Christmas sales start because there's always so much on offer and at such reduced would be rude not to treat myself to a few things!  It's a great chance to snap up items that you have been oggling for months but haven't quite had the cash for at the time.

I actually hate shopping during sale time because it gets so stressful and I hate having to rifle through piles of clothes to find what I want. I always gravitate towards the neatly piled new stock area...kinda defeating the purpose of my original mission!
Here's my wish list of items that I will be tracking down in the sales.  Let's hope they have my size or there may be some sulking! 

French Connection Iron Eagler Bustier Dress (Sale Price £65.00)

Reiss Viscose Fringed Jacket (Sale Price £112)

Reiss Cream Treacle Embellished Tank (Sale Price £20)

Coast Paradise Sequin Dress (Sale Price £59.00)

Coast Lana Sequin Skirt (Sale Price £25.00)

Warehouse Fringe Dress (Sale Price £70.00)

Next Nude Chiffon Platform Shoes (Sale Price £25)

My mum actually got a preview of the Next sale online and luckily long-term customers get a preview and then a 2 hour time slot to buy up what they want before the sales start in the actual stores.  Her time slot is 9pm-11pm tonight so we have set an alarm so we can get on there and buy up what we want before it all goes!  The alarm is in case we get pre-occupied sipping on mulled wine later!  Wish me luck! 
I just came home yesterday to my mum and dad's house for Christmas and it's so lovely to be chilling with my family now...although I do miss Chris HEAPS.  He phoned me last night and sounded really tired since he's working 14 hour shifts offshore...that's hardcore!  I had my first Bailey's of the festive season last night and it tasted gooooood!  But when Chris phoned I tried not to mention any of that or he would probably get really jealous!ha ha.

I must say that I wasn't impressed when I opened my makeup bag after travelling home and discovered my sad looking Mac quad eyeshadow palette....

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I HATE it when that happens! My Mac Vanilla e/s smashed and has made a right mess.  I may have to try and re-press it to salvage the rest of it.

On another note I wanted to quickly re-rave about a product that has been a life saver (or should I say LIP saver!).  It's the infamous and much raved about By Terry Baume De Rose...

This is the same jar I have had for the past 1 year and 3 months and even though I apply it very regularly, there's still a third of the product left in the jar...

This stuff is gorgeous, super moisturising and it instantly makes my lips feel so comfortable and smooth.  It's a must for this cold weather we are experiencing and I highly recommend it.  So if you're searching for a last minute present for a friend or just a treat for yourself, then this could be the perfect choice.  It's expensive at £32.00 for a 10g jar BUT when I think about how long it has lasted, it really has been good value for money! I will definitely be buying another jar when this one runs out because it the best lip treatment I have ever used and nothing else has even come close to it.  My lips would normally have been cracked and sore by now, but they are in perfect condition thanks so this miracle balm.  To read my original review, click here.

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