Friday, December 3, 2010

My Favourite Perfumes & Current Makeup Crush

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I don't often talk about perfume on my blog because it's a very personal choice and depends on individual preference.  What is amazing to one person, may be off putting to another.  However, I have had a few emails lately asking what my favourite perfumes are so I thought I would oblige.  I am very fussy when it comes to perfume but I have found 4 fragrances that I haven't deviated from at all in the past few months.  If you haven't tried any of these before then I recommend you go try some testers.  I always wear lighter perfumes during the day and more intense fragrances at night time. 

Gucci Guilty and YSL Parisienne are great daytime perfumes and Gucci II and YSL Elle are ideal for evenings.  They are all expensive perfumes but boy, are they worth it!  Since my camera stubbornly refused to take good quality photos of the reflective bottles, I have had to depend on internet images...

YSL Parisienne is described as "a sensuous bouquet to the woman whose heart belongs to Paris… even if home is elsewhere. A voluptuous floral accord of violet, damask rose and tart blackberry seems to tell the whole story. But then comes the fullness of sandalwood, deepened by musk and brightened by peonies, tying the endnotes to the ones beginning".  This is a lovely daytime perfume because it's light enough not to be overpowering but has the depth to last all day.  I love the smell of blackberries in it and also the gorgeous bottle!

Gucci Guilty has "top notes of pink pepper, heart note of lilac and base notes of patchouli and amber".  This perfume smells gorgeous when you spray it on but even better when it settles and warms on your skin throughout the day.  It smells very sophisticated but in the most subtle way.  The packaging looks and feels very's always great to feel like you're treating yourself.

Gucci II has a "top note of blackcurrant , heart note of jasmine, base note of sandalwood".  There's something about the mix of blackcurrants and the masculine scent of sandlewood that makes this perfume SO addictive.  I often pick up the bottle and smell it as I'm passing my dressing table, just for the sake of it.  I love the heavy glass bottle, it all adds to the opulent feel of the fragrance.  It's a really beautiful scent to wear at night and really lasts!

YSL Elle..."a fresh, colourful and infinitely feminine opening of cedar wood gives this fragrance its luminosity. A hint of lychee offers its boldness and peony delicately softens it. Last but not least, pink berries combined in the middle notes with freesia create a fusion of olfactory opposites.  A fragrance bursting with femininity and audaciousness where floral and woody notes blend and mingle together.  Peony – Pink Berries – Patchouli".

I've saved the best for last.  This is my favourite night-time perfume EVER and it's become my signature scent.  It's absolutely gorgeous and I always get asked what I am wearing when I put this on.  It's a very deep, musky, sexy fragrance and I will keep repurchasing it over and over again.

What are your favourite fragrances for day and night?

Rachel McAdams wore this look in February of this year for a television appearance.  This look was created by one of my favourite makeup artists, Troy Jenson, using Chanel products.  His signature style always involves either playing up the eyes or the lips, but never both.  I like that rule of thumb because it means you won't end up looking like a clown!

I love bronze against blue eyes and this blended out look is perfect teamed with the soft, pretty pink lip.  I love the way the goldy tones catch the light in the inner corners of her eyes (see second pic).  I really like the tone of Rachel's skin here, it just has a lovely golden glow without being too tanned.  I sometimes think that the skin's texture and the dimensions in your face can be lost when it's too tanned.  Her skin also looks beautifully glowy! 

The products used, as said before, were all Chanel:
Chanel Mat Lumiere Foundation in Clair 1.0
Chanel Soft Pressed Powder in Rosee
Note - I'm sure he used a bronzer but not sure which one.
Chanel Tweed Pink Blush
Chanel Shimmering Tweed Highlighter
Chanel Fluid Irisdescent Eyeshadows in Delta & Cascade
Chanel Quadra Eyeshadow Palette in Dunes
Chanel Precision Eye Definer in Brun Cuivre
Chanel Precision Brow Definer in Taupe
Chanel Perfect Brows in Brun
Chanel Inimitable Mascara in Noir
Chanel Aqualumiere Sheer Colour Lipshine in Maldives
Chanel Aqualumiere High Shine Sheer Concentrate Gloss in Colibri

Now, for something make you go "awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!"
I recently started following the lovely Laura's blog The Fashion & Beauty Obsession, her blog is relatively new and she is a lovely girl so go check it out.  She just did a great post on some rather gorgeous dresses.  When you look at her blog, you will INSTANTLY be drawn to a pic of her dog, Yogi...

Oh my god, is this not the most adorable dog you have ever seen?! He's like a big teddy bear...I just wanna cuddle him!

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