Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Good Times/Bad Times

1) Thank goodness I did the majority of my Christmas Sales shopping online this year! The shops would have been a total nightmare and as much as I love clothes, I'm not prepared to get up at 4am and wait for hours queuing outside the stores.  Online shopping is, in my opinion, the best way to pick up what you want.  You never get a chance to try on clothes in a store sale anyway because the changing rooms are always packed so online bargain hunting is the future! That way, I could browse any website I wanted from the comfort of the livingroom, studying each item to decided if I really wanted/needed it.  Too often in the past, I got aggravated, stressed and would panic buy something in the store just in case someone swooped in and took it from my clutches. 

2) Chris is coming home from offshore tonight and I can hardly contain myself.  It was horrible spending Christmas without him since it was our first one as a married couple.  He emailed me earlier today to say he was taking me out to dinner so that will be lovely to have a romantic night together.  Whenever he goes away, it reminds me how much he means to me and the fact that he really is my best friend.  I have a massive pile of Christmas presents for him to open from me and the family so I'm sure he'll have fun with that.

3) The snow is finally starting to melt...hurrah! It's about time too! At least now I can wear high heels on New Year's Eve instead of trudging around in boots like the last couple of weeks.  The snow is lovely at Christmas but it does stop you from doing so many different things.

1) I got back to my place yesterday after spending Christmas at my parent's place, as you know.  Myself and my mum wanted to have a quick look in a couple of shops so I rushed in, put Wolverine's cage back together and quickly left.  Only problem being, I forgot to put one of the parts on the cage so when we returned, Wolverine had escaped.  All the doors in the flat were open so he could have been in ANY room in the flat.   We spent ages looking for him and I started to get really upset because I always have a fear of him getting into a small place that I can't get him out of.  We stopped and listened, heard scratching and realised that Wolverine was under the bath! He had squeezed into a tiny crack in the bath panel! I was freaking out because it would be impossible to get him out.  I realised he had made his way through the wall to the kitchen and under the kitchen cupboards.  At this point we started to realise that we would only get him out by waiting for him to come out himself!  I decided to make us both a cup of tea at this point because we had been looking for him for ages.  I went back into the kitchen andhe just appeared at my feet from nowhere...I don't know WHERE he came from but I was so happy to see him safe and well.  I would feel dreadful if he couldn't get out and died.  So that was my drama for yesterday!

2) Even though I avoided the stress of shopping in the stores, I didn't manage to get all the stuff that was on my wishlist.  Those Next chiffon shoes were absolutely amazing and I wanted them SO badly.  As I said in a previous post, my mum had a VIP slot to preview/buy items on the Next website before the sale started in store.  BUT mum got the day wrong and we ended up going onto the website the day after...you can imagine my face when I realised the shoes were sold out.  Mum was in the doghouse at first but in the spirit of Christmas, I forgave her!  Although there were alot of jokes about getting old and getting forgetful.ha ha. 

3) Usually I plan in advance what I will be doing for New Year's Eve but this year we haven't organised anything at all.  All our friends seem to be away so if all else fails, we will just go out for a nice meal and some wine.  Who better to bring in the New Year with than my lovely hubby! I often find that New Year's Eve is an anti-climax, probably because there's so much pressure for it to be the best night of the year.  All that pressure just means you feel forced into having a good time.  The truth is, the unplanned spontaneous nights out are always the most fun!  What are you guys doing for New Year's Eve?

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