Friday, December 10, 2010

Holy Moly, Does She Look Good!

Who am I talking about?...why Angelina Jolie of course!

Me and Chris headed over to the cinema to see 'The Tourist' today and I was totally captivated by Angelina on screen.  She is one of the few actresses today that has this aura about her, a charisma that means you just can't take your eyes off her in a scene.  She has that special jeu ne se qua, the likes of which Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Rita Hayworth also had.  I want her hair...

I was in heaven with Angelina's makeup, hair and styling...I LOVED her clothes in this movie because they were so glamourous and chic.  She just oozes class in this film and she has this air of cool about her.  I especially liked the above outfit with the orangey-red sash tied at the back and the long gloves.  She just looked breath-taking in every scene.   

Her hair in the scene below was incredible, an amazing up-do that looked really effortless and that eye makeup...uh!....

The film itself was actually alot better than I thought it would be and both myself and Chris left praising Angelina and Johnny Depp's performances.  Although Johnny wasn't at his best looks-wise in this film, they have to be two of the most beautiful actors out there!

I found a really great tutorial on YouTube with a model who looks amazingly like Angelina...lucky girl!  I didn't see the likeness before the makeup had been applied but she looks like Angelina's twin afterwards!  I am definitely going to try out this makeup look soon!

The same channel also has a vid tutorial of her evening up-do and more dramatic night-time look.  Check it out!

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