Sunday, December 19, 2010

When Life Gives You Snow, Make A Snowman!

So it's no secret we are having the worst/coldest December in the UK for almost 100 years and the news is filled with stories of cancelled flights, 10ft snow drifts and people getting stuck in their cars overnight.  Yesterday, myself and Chris decided to embrace our inner child and build a snowman in the park!  All ideas of Winter glamour went out the window and I had to wear my skiing gear to keep from freezing to death! I had jeans under my ski pants and 3 layers of clothes under my ski jacket so I ended up feeling/looking like the Michelin man! But I was oooohhhh so cosy!

We have that lovely dry, powdery snow up here that is really satisfying to walk on...I can't explain just is!  Apart from a small snowball fight, we managed to build the snowman quite quickly, although Chris' attention span is akin to that of a goldfish so he kept getting distracted by people sledging down a steep hill next to us!

We were proud of Mr Snowman once we had finished, although I had lost feeling in some of my face from the cold!  The kids that came past got all excited when they saw him and even some adults couldn't stop themselves from smiling when they saw his happy face! There's something about seeing a snowman that reminds you Christmas is just around the corner.

I think we are going to have this cold weather for a few more days yet but the bad news is that a few of our friends are struggling to fly home for Christmas which really sucks.  So we have our fingers crossed that they make it back in time to spend it with their loved ones.

Have you built a snowman yet or been sledging?  If you have, send me an email with a pic and I can post them on here!

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