Friday, December 17, 2010

Style Crush: Karen Gillan

I started to notice this Scottish actress because of her apparent style NOT because I watch Doctor Who...I can't stand that show (sorry to any fans!).  Karen is from Inverness and it's nice to be able to big up a Scottish stylista! She has done a bit of modelling including London Fashion Week and also for Nicola Robert's cosmetics line, Dainty Doll.

I love the way she embraces her pale skin and flamey red hair! I only just found out recently that she is actually 6ft tall! And she still wears heels? Now that's dedication to fashion!  I like the way she teams classical pieces of clothing with something more edgy and it just works.

She often wears tailored blazers with something softer underneath like chiffon or silk and then toughens the look up again with shoe boots. I love her collection of shoes!  I think of her as being very chameleon-like because she does red carpet glamour as well as she does festival-chic. 

Unfortunately, there's not many Scottish style icons but Karen is definitely a new kid on the block to look out for on the best dressed lists and I have a feeling she will just get better and more interesting.

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