Monday, November 15, 2010

The Weekend & Party Shoes...

Our American friends wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving so they decided to host a little get together for everyone.  Basically it's just an excuse to eat, drink and be merry so it felt alot like Christmas Day.  I tried Pumpkin Pie and Green Bean Casserole for the first time and absolutely LOVED both of them!  I am converted and think that we should adopt this holiday...even though it's got nothing to do with the history of our country...but anyway...

After I featured the Dior Earth Reflections eyeshadow palette on here, I was asked to do a FOTD with it so here it is.  I won't go into details about every product I used but I teamed the Dior eye with Mac Angel Lipstick and the Dior Addict Maximiser Lip Gloss.  I didn't want to go over the top with my make-up since it was a casual gathering.

As you can see, it really creates a very wearable, daytime eye that is defined but very subtle.  I just kind of let my hair do it's own thing which is generally better than straightening it because it retains more volume this way.

I just used the pale gold colour all over the lid, followed by the light taupe in the socketline, intensifying it with the darker taupe shade.  I used the ivory shade as a highlight in the inner corners.  You could easily go darker than this but I chose to keep it light and natural.  I just finished it off with Mac Black Russian eyeliner and a couple of coats of Maxfactor Flase Lash Effect Mascara.

Given that the Thanksgiving meal was at our friend's new place, the dress code was inevitably casual and preferably something with an elasticated waist to deal with all that food!  My friends were laughing at what I called my 'casualwear' because it's covered in embellishments.  I don't think I know how to dress down!  I just wore my H&M studded leggings, my grey chiffon top from Warehouse, my pearl-embellished H&M cardigan and my New Look boots...

I'm a little bit obsessed with these leggings because the rectangular metal studs down the sides are so cool and add a really nice detail to your outfit.  Loads of people have commented on them so far.  They are fantastic quality and don't go baggy at the knee etc.  The best thing is, they are long in the leg so they don't edge up your legs when you wear them.  They were only £14.99 so i tried to look for another pair last time I was in H&M but I couldn't find any more pairs in my size :(
They are always situated in the bits where they hang all the 'Divided' range so you may have to have a proper rake around for them.  They're always mixed in with the plain there's a tip for ya!  

Since my outfit and makeup was very neutral, I decided to wear a really bright nail varnish...that being Mavala's Spicy Red...a gorgeous and very festive (almost metallic) red.  I was sent this recently and although it's not the type of colour I would normally wear, I actually really love it.  It was applied in a hurry, 10 minutes before we left the house so you'll have to excuse any messy bits.  What I can say is that it dried SUPER quick and stayed immaculate for two days after just one coat.  Small chips have begun to appear but that's to be expected after no base coat, only one coat and no protective top coat!

I tried my hand at making my first ever home made apple pie and it turned out to be a big success!  I even made my own pastry so I was well chuffed with myself! I kinda ran out of shortcrust pastry for the 'lid' of the pie so it doesn't reach as far as it should at the edges but it all tastes the same when you put it in your mouth! It may not have been the most aesthetically pleasing apple pie but it tasted good!  Not bad for my first go at it!  The kitchen was filled with a gorgeous scent of apples, cinnamon and nutmeg after I baked it...mmmmmm!

Ok, so judging by my current collection (fixation), it's no secret that I like to adorn my tootsies with pretty, decorative shoes.

I love shoe shopping but something that I take special magpie enjoyment from is shopping for 'party' for special occcasions in the festive season when you want something that makes you!  I am drawn to shiny things and any shoes that have pretty embellishments are impossible for me to pass by without the obligatory "oooh-ing" and "ahhhing".

These are some shoes that have caught my eye during some VERY innocent internet 'window' shopping...if you have an aversion to blinged out shoes, please look away now...let the sparkle commence...

Is it wrong that I want them ALL?????

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