Monday, November 29, 2010

Paul & Joe Face Colour

I always get drawn in by the Paul & Joe packaging, it's always so intricate and girly! I adore the floral design on the box for this product and I like the pearlised, embossed compact even more.  The product itself (003 Pagan) is a dark pink, almost rose coloured blush which sits beside a warmly toned gold highlighter.  Normally I wouldn't wear a blush as dark as this but when you mix it with the gold shade, it creates a really nice luminising colour for the cheeks.  It has the same effect as blushers like Benefit Coralista where you get a glowy effect which I personally prefer to matte blushers.  You could always use them separately but for me they work better together.  The powders themselves are smooth to apply and have good pigmentation.  I would say this is a good winter alternative to Benefit Coralista because it's pinker in tone and slightly cooler.  It's priced at £15 so if you prefer not to spend so much on a blush then Sleek have a good range of colours to choose from and they are fantastic quality for only £3.99...

I was up quite late last night and stumbled across the film 'The Last King Of Scotland' starring James McAvoy (always had a thing for him!), Forrest Whitaker and Kerry Washington which I've seen a couple of times before.  It reminded just how beautiful Kerry is! I love her hair, clothes and makeup in these shots...

I remember the first film I ever saw her in was 'Save The Last Dance' starring Julia Stiles back in 2001, when I was still at university.  I think she is a brilliant actress and especially so in 'The Last King Of Scotland' and 'Ray'.  Her face has a real softness to it and she has those big brown doe eyes...gorgeous!  She always looks very sophisticated when I see pics of her in magazines and online.

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