Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Another Use For Sleek Good Girl Palette

Pink isn't the easiest colour to wear on the eyes so when I was sent the new Sleek i-Divine Good Girl palette, I knew I could only realistically wear some of the shades.  BUT I have now tried wearing a few of the colours as blushes and that works really well.  It just seemed like the brighter pinks and corals would work better on the cheeks rather than the eyes.  You have to use a light hand because the eyeshadows have high pigmetation but they actually create a really nice effect.  The pearly shine to eyeshadows mean that the colours double up as highlighters.

I doubt I will ever use the bright red shades as they would look way too harsh on me and emphasise the redness I have in my skin naturally.  I think it's one of those products that is pretty to look at but you won't be able to make use of all the shades within it.  I was also sent the Bad Girl palette and I think I might depot some of my favourite shades from that into this palette to make it work better for my needs.  Unfortunately one of the eyeshadow pans in the palette smashed in transit...

I have found that a few of the shades have green tones in them that just don't suit me so I much prefer the Graphite palette which has more grey/blue toned colours.  Both of the Bad and Good Girl palettes have the usual high quality texture, longevity and pigmentation.

What do you think of the new i-Divine palettes from Sleek?

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