Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Style Crush: Charlize Theron

It's no secret that I love Charlize Theron...I think she's classically beautiful, sophisticated and very chic.  She is a great actress and I really admired her for the transformation she went through to play the lead in 'Monster'.  Not many hollywood actresses would sacrifice their looks and their skinny waists to represent a character.  She always strikes me as being ladylike but she also has a toughness to her...that could have something to doo with her roles in action films and her appearance in this video...

She really kicks ass in that! I love that video because it shows in a literal sense, a woman's ability to save a man emotionally and rescue his soul...beautiful :)

Although I like both, I think I prefer Charlize's off duty style to her red carpet looks.  She always looks really sophisticated with tailored blazers, cool shades and gorgeous bags.

My favourite of her looks is this one because she looks so damn cool! She could be a Parisian with all that black, beret and killer heels.  I want that Dior bag! It's incredible!

This look is another one of my faves because it's so effortless, it's smart casual and although there are no accesories, she still manages to make it look interesting.

It's official...I heart Charlize!

I just wanted to let you guys know that I will be taking a break from blogging this week because Chris' parents are coming over from Ireland to visit so I won't have time to post anything.  We have a shopping trip planned for myself, my mum and my new mum, Madeleine.  We also have a lovely meal planned at an old country house so I'll have to remember to take photos of that so I can show you guys...

I also have my friend's hen night this Saturday in Edinburgh so I should be back in action on Monday.  Until then, I hope you all have a great week/weekend! xx

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