Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mac Cham-Pale Collection

After reading Amy's post over at Makeup & Beauty, I got excited about a Mac collection for the first time in a while.  The last time was probably the Warm & Cosy collection.  Please go and read Amy's post as it features the full collection in more detail.  This is just a post to share what I like out of the collection and find out what you guys like the look of.  This is definitely a collection for those who like subtle colours and neutrals.  I am definitely someone who wears neutrals almost every day because I find them to be the most flattering in the harsh light of day! 

Alot of the collection features repromotions and permanent shades so I would personally skip them but there were some products that I would definitely like to take a closer look at...

Special Reserve Highlight Powder in Rose Ole (soft pink with gold shimmer):

Lipgelees in Bubble Lounge (sparkly pink peach), Luxure (off-white with pink pearl), Sin-tillation (sparkly pale icy pink):  

Paint Pot in Dangerous Cuvee (frosted cool grey):

Nail Lacquer in Soiree Sparkly (light bronze gold frost) & Very Important Platinum Mid-tone platinum frost/metallic):

What appeals to you in this collection? If anything?

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