Sunday, November 28, 2010

Style Crush: Frankie Sandford

She's the spunkier member of girl band The Saturdays and sometimes her fashion choices can verge on the risque side but for the most part, I really like Frankie's overall look.  Something I didn't know about her is that she (and bandmate, Rochelle) used to be members of S Club Juniors! This is a fact that will only be relevant to my fellow UK bloggers...

I really like Frankie's hairstyle with the exaggerated side fringe.  I've always wanted something like that but deep down I know it would annoy the crap out of me, having to brush it out of my eyes all the time.  Frankie has a rather enviable collection of massive bags.  I especially love the black studded one...drool!  Also loving the camel coloured coat...

I never wear shorts really but she makes me want to try out that look with tights and boots for the winter.  I guess I'm always worried that shorts won't be flattering on me but I think it's probably a case of getting the right style and fit to suit your shape.

I love all the shoe boots she wears to toughen up her outfit and I now have a desperate need for a cropped black leather jacket!  I am not one for chucking on loads and loads of accessories because alot of the time, outfits look better when they are fuss-free.

I was listening to Fearne Cotton on Radio1 the other day and she played Adele's new song 'Rolling In The Deep'.  I have to say that I love her voice ('Make You Feel My Love' being one of my faves) and she certainly hasn't disappointed with this new tune.  When I've watched her singing live, her voice is always so soulful and flawless.  I also like the fact that she doesn't seem to care what people think of her.  I really respect that trait in people when they have the confidence and conviction to stay true to who they are.

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