Monday, November 8, 2010

A Very Versatile Palette By Dior!

I love eyeshadow palettes because they are a great space saving option when you are travelling or jet off on holiday.  Saying that, there's always one or two shades in a palette that you never touch because they're either too bright, too dark or just don't suit you in general.  So those unwanted shades are left untouched in the palette and take up the space that could be occupied by something more appealing.  This 5 Colour Iridescent Eyeshadow palette from Dior has become the exception for me...

It was definitely love at first sight when I set eyes on this gorgeous palette of pearly neutrals called Earth Reflections (no.609).  I have NEVER come across such a brilliant combination of shades that I just know I could use every day, either for a light, girly look or a more defined smokey look.  On first impressions, the packaging is slick and sophisticated...exactly what we have all come to expect from Dior.  It comes with the usual velvet pouch to keep it cosy and safe...

The palette contains 5 shades - a champagne beige, a light taupe, a dark taupe, an ivory and a pale pink in the centre.  All of the eyeshadows are beautifully smooth, silky and almost creamy in texture with great pigmentation.  They only need minimal blending and have a lovely ethereal effect on the eyes.  The Dior website describes them as having a "unique Wet Reflect™ technology" which "saturates a whole new generation of powders with pearlescent particles, for never-before-seen brilliance. With its gliding feel and even, ultra-luminous finish, the silky, almost creamy texture blends perfectly into the eyelid".  I think that describes this product perfectly.

I absolutely adore each shade and the HUGE advantage of taking this palette on your travels is the three palest shades can double up as incredible highlighters - ivory or pink for paler skins, the goldy champagne one for medium to dark skin tones.  You can even mix those three shades with clear gloss to create really pretty lip colours!  By dabbing them in the centre of your lips, it creates a fuller appearance.  This is without doubt my favourite eyeshadow palette I own because it's so versatile and wearable on ANY skin tone.

What is your favourite eyeshadow palette in your collection?

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