Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Girl Crush/Hair Crush

I'm well and truly stuck in the flat today because of the terrible weather.  It's absolutely freezing outside, the pavements are extremely icy/snowy and that pretty much limits Saturday night activities! No one can get anywhere so it's a night in for me with Strictly Come Dancing (yah!) and maybe a movie later on.  I was determined to get out of the flat earlier so I went to the gym and did an hour on the cross trainer and then decided to go back to do 15 mins on the bike.  I am a big believer in to reward myself for being so good, I dropped in past my local cafe, Cafe Crema and picked up this slice of chocolate cake....

Now that's my kind of comprimise! ha ha.  That's pretty much how I work things...if I want something nice to eat, then I make myself go to the gym and work for it.  That way, you never ever feel guilty about eating it! Nom, nom, nom.

You know there are some women you see in the street or celebrities and they just make you stop and think  "wow...she is so strikingly beautiful!".  Well, in my opinion, Delta Goodrem is one of those women.  She isn't the most 'trendy' or current celebrity but whenever I see her, she just has this quiet elegance and grace about her.  In the UK, we all know her for her stint in the Australian soap opera Neighbours years ago, her short lived pop career and the fact she is engaged/possibly now married to Westlife's Brian McFadden.  She is a talented lady, what with being an actress, pianist AND singer/songwriter.  I think she had more success with her singing career in Australia and the far east though.

I have a MAJOR makeup and hair crush on this girl, I mean she always looks incredible and I wish my hair looked that voluminous! I love the shades of blonde in her hair and her makeup always looks flawless and never over done. She kind of looks like a mixture between Heidi Klum and Mandy Moore, I think.  Her fashion choices aren't always spot on but it doesn't really matter what you wear when you are that stunning!  I love her makeup in the first picture fresh and radiant!

Ever since the Neighbours days, she has had this 'girl-next-door' appeal to her and she always comes across as being very humble and sweet.  She announced that she was suffering from Hodgkins Lymphoma, a form of cancer that attacks the immune system, in 2003 when she was only 18.  She undertook chemotherapy and radiation therapy which resulted in the loss of her hair.  I remember seeing the photos of her in the press afterwards and thinking how brave she was. She handled the whole thing with real dignity and strength, even though she must have been in utter turmoil inside.  Her relationship with Brian McFadden seems to have stood the test of time as well with him describing her as his "angel wife" in October this year.  It hasn't been confirmed whether they are actually married as yet though. 

Some people just have kind faces/eyes and I think she is one of those people.  I think you can tell alot from someone's eye and they are being genuine or not.  They do say the eyes are the window to the soul.  She isn't in the UK press alot but I would say she prefers it that way to be honest!  Who wants to become overly exposed in the papers?

Here's the music video for the song with Brian McFadden poking fun at the press' constant claims that the couple have split up...

I just think she looks amazing in that video! Who's makeup, hair or style have you always admired?

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