Monday, August 31, 2009

Wedding Hair

Pretty much most of my waking moments are currently taken up by thinking about all the little details for my and Chris' wedding next August. I have sorted out alot of the big stuff like the venue, the band/DJ and the dress so my attention has now gone back to what I'm going to do with my hair/makeup on the big day. I have decided on a loose, tousled chignon for the ceremony like the following pics...
Like the pics, I want nice wavy wisps of hair framing my face coz I don't like any of the severe up do's that take about a whole can of hairspray to set them in place. I want to change my hair for the reception though, wearing it down, wavy and to one side to show off my strapless gown...something a bit like this...This pic was from a FOTD I did a while back. Obviously my hair would be professionally done so it would look alot tidier than my DIY job above.

I found some makeup inspiration in an unlikely place when I spotted the front cover of the Autumn/Winter Next Catalogue at my mum and dad's house. The makeuo look is just gorgeous and I would be so chuffed if I could achieve something like this for my wedding...

All the golden/brown/bronze tones in this pic are just so gorgeous but it's not too over the it! I will have to try and look into this photo and try and find out who did the makeup and what they used...that task could be near impossible though!

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