Friday, August 21, 2009

Elain Colorist Bijou Beam Lipgloss

Hi girlies, I just wanted to do a post on a lipgloss from Elain Colorist that I got sent ages ago and have only just got the chance to use. It's called Elain Colorist Bijou Beam Ultra Shine Lips in Butterfly (kind of a mouthful!). I guess I put off using it because it looked like totally the wrong colour for me. I usually avoid any dark colour on my lips because it never suits me.
It's weird because when the lipgloss is in the tube, it looks like a lightish berry colour, as you can see from the pic. However, when you swatch it or apply it to your lips, it looks like more of a peachy colour with a great sheen to it that almost looks slightly metallic, but in a good way. It just shows you that you just don't know what a product will look like until you swatch it!

It's actually very similar to the Lancome Juicy Tube in Simmer that I love, except that this product is only $12 (approx £7) and you get a 10g tube for that price. If you want to check out the other shades available, click on this link

I was surprised to find that, despite the initial confusion over colour, the shade really suited me and is closer than I thought to the nude/peachy/pinky shades that I feel most comfortable wearing. You'll have to excuse the hair in the next couple of pics, I wasn't feeling well today so not much effort went into the hair! It just got pinned back haphazardly (I don't normally do this coz I always think my forehead looks huge!ha ha)
I would say this colour would suit most people and it's very wearable. The formulation is SLIGHTLY sticky but I actually don't mind it in this case. The reason I don't mind it is because the ever so slight stickiness seems to make the product last longer on your lips, which has to be a good thing. It really depends on your personal preference with lip glosses. For example, some people hate juicy tubes and some people love them. I normally steer clear of sticky lip products but, if it adds to the longevity of the gloss, then I can grin and bear it.

So, in conclusion, I would say that this is definitely a gloss that I would buy however I might not have got past the initial look of the colour, had I just seen it in a shop,it's very deceiving. I wouldn't say that it's a HG product as I have millions of lipglosses that do the same job, but it's a nice shade to add to my collection and I will be using it again. I would say that if you're looking for a cheaper dupe of Lancome Juicy Tubes for a more affordable price, the this product would be a good bet.

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