Friday, August 14, 2009

Elf Haul & a nice surprise

I think everyone visits the Elf website quite regularly now to buy a few things because it's just too tempting when all the products cost just £1.50 each (even the Studio products cost just £3.50 each!). With such teeny tiny prices, it doesn't really matter too much if not ALL the purchases you make work out for you. I got the Shimmering Facial Whips in Persimmon and Lilac Petal coz I loved the idea of using these on cheeks and browbones as a kind of highlighter or blush. The consistency is a bit thicker than I would like and it remains a bit sticky on your face until it settles down. This I did not like. I like the colours but because they are so thick and sticky, I kinda feel like I'm wiping off some of my makeup when I apply them. The jury is out on this product until I can work out the best way to use it. I do however like the Candy Shop Lipgloss in Frosting smells like cotton candy and it's like a shimmery peach colour, I have worn it alone and over lipstick and I really like the effect it gives. I just see it as a cheap and cheerful product and I love the retro design of the sliding tin!
I also got three nail polishes (I have too many already but at £1.50, who could say no???). I got Coral and Royal Purple for my toenails and the light pink will be a nice subtle colour for my fingernails. I prefer not too wear dark or bright colours on my nails, I just prefer the cleaner look of having a french manicure or nice subtle sheen to them. I think everyone has their own preference regarding nail polish though. The polishes do need a couple of coats for the colour to really show up the way you would want it too but I'm actually impressed with these and I will definitely go back for more colours. I love the plastic rim around the top of the bottle with the drips, it's a quirky design idea.

I got a metallic silver makeup bag to replace the one that got ruined by an exploded face powder...hate it when that happens! I also got an eyeshadow brush which I am so impressed with. It's soft but firm enough to pick up lots of eyeshadow, it blends well and it's amazing value for money. I will be going back to try more of their brushes after this diamond find! The waterproof eyeliners? Hmmm, not so impressed by them, in fact the Coffee and Black shaed were downright rubbish. You will see from the swatches that the two stripes nearest the right are supposed to be black and brown! The pigmentation is awful and I was so disappointed by these, I just chucked them in the bin! The midnight one, which is a dark navy is reasonable so I have decided to keep that and see how I get on with it.

The Brightening Eyeliner in Gilded looks quite nice but it's been outshone by the 17 gold eye pencil in my last haul which was a nicer shade and more pigmented. The Eyeliner and Shadiow Stick in Smoke and Black looks very nice and I'm looking forward to creating a subtle smokey eye with this. The shadow goes on very creamy and the liner is reasonable pigmented so I will have a go at using this soon and see what I think.

And lastly, while at work yesterday, I got a call to say that my mum was in reception. Off I trotted wondering why my mum had unexpectedly turned up. I walked around the corner and there's my mum's beaming face, throwing her arms around me (in usual style) she exclaimed that she was shopping and saw something that made her think of me. My mum does this occasionally, just randomely buys me clothes and I love it when she does because she knows exactly what I will like. She got me the skirt above and I love it! It's a gorgeous turqouise floral design skirt with a black elasticated waist and a cheeky little panel of leopard print. It totally made my day!

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